I had the flu two weeks ago, and last week I had an exam every single day of the week. That’s how insane everything was. I really need to learn how to deal with stress better; it’s just not good for my health! Luckily, I almost fully recovered the night before my first midterm, but I was still super behind in studying for anything since I was sick in bed for the previous week. So starting on Sunday it was like a stressful cram session with no sleep, and it continued as such for the next four days. BUT I’M STILL ALIVE! :D Ah, college.

One of the classes I’m taking is organic chemistry and basically I got a “D” on the exam, but I am still a decent amount above the average score in our class, so after the grades are “curved” to match a correct bell-shaped curve (which makes the average score around a “C”), I estimate that I have some kind of “B” on that test. It’s crazy right? They create super difficult exams for everyone to fail, and within that failure they will curve the grades to give you a proper grade. @_@

One girl said, why don’t they make a fair test instead of making one where everyone fails anyway?

My TA for lab said part of the battle in college is surviving the constant brutality without having a mental breakdown or losing your self-esteem. LOL. Wow, that is so true, and the fact that it is so true is just so sad!

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