If you are a Gmail user, you may or may not be aware of the convenient “undo” link that pops up right after you send an email. This option has been around for at least a year, at least to my knowledge.

To activate this awesome option, all you have to do is log into your Gmail account, click that little green flask icon at the top right (which will take you to “Gmail Labs”), and check “Enable” for the Undo Send feature.

It doesn’t exactly “undo” anything in the sense that we would expect. That’d be too amazing if your email was sent to someone’s inbox and you had the option to take it back before they see it. Unfortunately, we can’t do that. But, you have about five seconds before the email is actually sent, so it is still possible to prevent it from being sent through. Apparently Gmail has a delay before sending emails anyway, and this little feature uses that to our advantage. I swear, this feature has saved me quite a few times. Whether it’s a tiny grammatical error (yeah, I’m one of those people), or I realize I’m sending from the wrong email (I have multiple emails, and I get all my mails forwarded to one email), I do have a chance for redemption if I’m quick enough to catch it. And usually you will catch it within the next five seconds, because before I found out about this feature I would regret it the second I pressed “send.”

And it doesn’t stop there! There’s a ton of awesome experimental features under the “Gmail Labs” page I was mentioning.

I’ve got a huge soft spot for Gmail. I started using it back when it was in Beta and you needed to be invited by someone to create a Gmail account! Those days are long over and there’s enough of Gmail to go around. Currently I have 7451 megabytes for my email and counting, because they are always adding more space for your inbox. Those days of worrying about deleting enough emails to make more space are over!

Now, if only we could just figure out how to use the “Undo” button in real life…