So yesterday I was an extremely good girl (totally proud of myself!) and I woke up at 3 AM to finish my anthropology paper. I started it Friday night, wrote most of it on Sunday night, and then finished it off when I woke up today at 3 AM. And yes, this is a miracle because I normally start my papers extremely late and I usually don’t finish them until it’s crunch time. The paper isn’t due until tonight at 7 PM, by the way. Success!

BUT, the rest of the day has been a failure -_- I wanted to continue being a good student by going to my tutoring session at noon. However, I don’t have class after that tutoring class until the 7 PM anthro class, so I have a huge gap to stay on campus. My original plan was to go to tutoring, and then spend the rest of the time in the library to study. Well. That didn’t work too well because I was really dizzy and burnt out from waking up so early to finish my paper. So I tried to sleep in the library and I made the mistake of coming to this library instead of the other one on campus because this one has no couches. T_T I think I spent THREE hours wasting my time trying to fall asleep in here. All I wanted to do was take a nap so that I could be rejuvenated enough to spend the rest of the time studying. Alas, I could not fall asleep for very long and now I’m too tired to work on anything. *big sigh* I’m so sad. Perhaps it would have been better to have skipped that ONE tutoring class, spent some time sleeping in, and then continuing my school work for the rest of the day.

Note to self: if in dire need of sleep, do not assume you’ll fall asleep sitting upright on a desk, or even on three chairs pushed together to make a bed, no matter how tired you are. Go to the other library with the couches!!!