Correction, by family I mean last week I went to the beach with my parents. My brother usually isn’t interested in going to those types of things and he certainly isn’t interested in waking up early. Oh well.

Anyway, last weekend was a three day weekend, and there was super hot weather the entire weekend so my mother asked randomly if I wanted to go to the beach on Sunday. It seems like a typical thing to ask, but I say “random” because my parents and I rarely do any of those types of hangouts together anymore. My mom usually does her own thing, my dad usually does his own thing, my brother does his own thing, and I do my own thing. We are a pretty separated family, in a way. We don’t eat meals together, etc. It seems like a sad thing, but in reality it’s what I’ve grown up with and known for many years, so instead of it being something sad it’s something I’ve grown used to. I’m so used to it now that if things suddenly changed and my family started doing everything together I would probably be weirded out and annoyed, haha.

So I thought it was a nice change for once and kind of sweet of my mom to suddenly ask me like that. It was an offer I didn’t refuse. 8-) I woke up super early for a Sunday (8 AM!) and we got to the beach around 9. It’s our favorite little beach. It’s less popular and less well-known as other beaches around here, and that’s why we love it. It’s a beautiful place, with tons of rocks that create cool tidepools when the tide is low.

I actually had a written ochem lab final, drama final, and drama patper due the following Wednesday, so I basically tackled a little bit of studying at the beach. Seems a little sad that studying has taken over my life so much that I have to take it with me to the beach, but it’s rather nice studying at the beach. It’s so peaceful and it feels like a mini-vacation that makes studying less of a chore. I had a nice, long break too when I strolled along the length of the beach with my mom. Every time we go to the beach (which is really not that often…it’s been a few years since we’ve been to one together, excluding our first time visiting Florida last summer), I always take that walk with my mom along the beach, and I love it. As I mentioned, I don’t spend much time with my parents, but when I’m at the beach taking a walk with my mom it gives us time to talk or to just enjoy the peaceful silence together.

So that was basically my highlight last weekend. On Saturday afternoon (yesterday) I had a calculus final. Yes, you read correctly: Saturday afternoon. How terrible is that?! D: Basically the math program has been tweaked starting this year and instead of the professors writing their own final exams, there is one common exam written by the math committee for all calculus students. Because of that, I guess they all wanted us to take it at the same time and I guess Saturday had to be the day. It’s crazy because finals week is supposed to be this coming Monday until Friday. NOT Saturday. First of all, it’s on a Saturday, come on now. Second of all, I had absolutely no time to study as much as I needed to since the final was a week early. Honestly, I have been terrible at math for my entire life, but finally as I am understanding my intro to calculus, I still do poorly on exams. I got an 89% on my first midterm, which was the greatest thing ever, bombed my 2nd midterm, and now I am very unsure about the final. I know my damn stuff, I just have trouble applying it to exams under pressure, sigh. T_T

That’s why I’ve been too busy to blog the past week. I’ll be done with finals by Wednesday though, so I’ll have about a week and a half of summer vacation and then it’s back to summer school for me. I’ve gotten into the mindset and I’ve been in “school mode” for quite some time now, so I don’t really mind.

AND the reason why I am blogging at five in the morning is because I fell asleep around midnight last night. I woke up around 4:30 AM and I just decided to blog a bit before starting to study for my ochem final tomorrow on Monday. Hooray…?! o_O