For the past few years I haven’t remembered my dreams too well anymore, or at all. I feel like it’s related to the fact that I don’t sleep much anymore (school-related) and when I wake up in the morning, I usually have to get up and get ready for the day real quick. Always stressed and always in a rush.

Anyway, for once I remembered a dream the other day. When I woke up the details felt so rich, but as soon as I was getting less groggy, the details dissolved really quickly. Which is unfortunate, because dreams are always fun to read about. They’re like creative stories that you made up…without being conscious. And most of them are seriously ridiculous.

I had a dream that we lived in some sort of slum where there was tons of rain. My (actual) boyfriend and I just met each other for the first time for some reason and we were starting to fall in love. Everyone, including us, went to this huge gathering that was maybe like a concert. We all had to give them all of our possessions at the concert, including our phones and jackets. At the end of the concert we walked out to go home. That was when, for some reason, we couldn’t be together anymore, and we had to go our separate ways. I think it was because of social status or something. I was the poor one and he couldn’t be seen with me. We walked together for a while until we reached under a bridge. That was where we said our final goodbye and he left. It was as if we couldn’t be seen together past that point.

So after we separated, I was about to go home, but then I realized I needed my phone in order to call my family. So I had to climb this huge slippery, muddy hill in the pouring rain and go back to the concert area. The concert was held in a place that looked like a huge lecture hall that was half seats where people were taking an exam. The other half was this large conveyor belt where we were trying to retrieve the items we gave up before entering the concert. I was trying to look for my boyfriend’s yellow jacket and I saw it go around the conveyor belt once, but I couldn’t find it again when I was hoping it would pass through again. I was looking for my purple phone but I was screwed because I found out that there were at least a dozen phones exactly like mine. They were all almost out of battery, and because of that the phones wouldn’t turn on completely so I couldn’t check the phones for any information.

I was so desperate that I wanted to ask the guy who worked at the front counter if I could bring my charger to check the phones. The man working at the front counter was bald and had tattoos. Tough and shady looking guy. As I was going up to him to ask if he would come back again for us to look for our stuff, he said this was only for today and they weren’t coming back. Then he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to buy “student insurance”. Another girl chimed in and said she might want to buy it because she might not be able to afford her apartment next year, so she would fake an accident to get money. And then the guy laughed and said if you bought student insurance it would only help you for a little bit and then you’d have to pay like the full original price they covered for you plus fifty dollars, so you’re basically screwed over eventually. I was unhappy about what the man told me and I didn’t care about the student insurance since it didn’t help me at all. I went back to the conveyor belt hoping to find my phone again, but I never found it and couldn’t go back home.

Talk about depressing. Sheesh. I woke up feeling pretty drained.

Besides that, my one-week summer vacation is up and I have to go back to summer school on Monday. -.-

Website Updates: I posted two new articles: Tips for the (dorming) college freshman, and List of Things to Bring to College. I also put up a graphics page.