Yesterday was my first day of summer school. I was surprised because I was expecting the university to be deserted, but it felt like a regular day during the school year, except it was a little less crowded. I kind of like it that way. No more struggling to find a seat in the student center for lunch, etc.

I signed up for tutoring for ochem today. I was super happy because this program at school paid for most of it for me. They waived $80 for me so I only had to pay $10. I was kind of reluctant taking the tutoring class, but now that the cost is taken care of, I definitely can’t back out. Honestly I don’t know if tutoring makes a big difference or not. The paid tutoring we have at my school has groups of 8 people, so it’s not one on one but it’s not an extremely large group either. The tutors are usually peer tutors who have taken the class before and done well. Usually it’s either a hit or miss, depending on the tutor you get, since some are really exceptional and some are very lazy. I try to take tutoring anyway, because I’ve gone a few quarters of school without it before, and I was always left wondering, “What my grade would have been like if i took tutoring” so I’m not going to let that happen anymore.

Have you ever had to sit next to an annoying person? Sometimes it’s those two people who won’t shut up about their weekend when you’re trying to listen. Or sometimes it’s a guy who has extremely bad body odor. Well, today there was this annoying guy next to me. He was one of those people who talk to themselves during lecture. I didn’t mind it too much, but it annoyed me slightly. Honestly, I don’t see the point of mumbling to yourself during a lecture. No one else wants to hear it, and if it helps to talk to yourself, it’s best to just talk to yourself mentally. If the professor started talking about something the guy apparently disliked, he’d cuss to himself. Or he would start uttering some things he anticipated that the professor would say, and when what he said was incorrect he’d be like, “Oh.” Or if the professor was lecturing about something he seemed to know about, he’d smack the air and go “Pffft,” as if he knew it all and didn’t need to hear it again. Seriously? Dude, keep it to yourself. I feel like he was just annoying and wasn’t aware of it, or just felt like showing off (and failing).

I remember one time in my calculus class last quarter, I would dread sitting within the vicinity of this one girl who would say “Mmmhmm” every time the professor would ask, “You follow me?” or “Right?” I swear, the girl would say that at least 20 times per lecture (which was 1 hr). There are 200 people in the classroom. We’re sitting near the back. The professor cannot hear you say “Mmmhmm.” When the professor asks those questions she doesn’t actually expect for you to answer it each time. If you have a question then you raise your hand and she will address it. You can bet I always hoped the girl sat out of my earshot.

Anyway, besides my pet peeves, nothing too exciting. I had class at 9-11, 12-1, and 1-3. Long day for a beautiful summer day. But it’s okay. At least I feel like my brain isn’t rotting from all the mindless stuff I’d usually be doing.