My poor bloggy. I was getting pretty good about updating at least 1-3 times a week, but this is my second week of summer school. I’ve been seriously overwhelmed by the coursework I’ve had to catch up on and all of the information I’ve had to cram into my brain. In a way, it’s kind of insane how fast everything goes. They weren’t lying when they said it was fly right on by. At my university there are 3 school quarters in one year. Each quarter is 10 weeks. Well, during summer session, one quarter is 5 weeks, so that’s twice the length of lecture per week and twice the amount of speed. It’s actually not that bad for people who keep on top of their studies, but I am a terrible, terrible victim of procrastination. I always struggle during a ten week quarter; imagine me currently with my five week quarter. It’s only been one week and I’ve had an ochem quiz already, and I have a genetics midterm coming up.

Would you like to hear how I did on my ochem quiz yesterday? It was a 10 question quiz in 15 minutes. I got a 50%, but the class average was a 35%. lol, that is crazy. I don’t know if it’s because it was a hard quiz or because it was our first quiz in this class and nobody knew what to expect. Hopefully because of the low class average my score is actually decent rather than failing. o_O Ah, that is the life of a biology major (we have to take a ton of chem too). You gotta get used to the low scores and make sure your ego isn’t destroyed! Grades may be looking down but you gotta get right back up! Haha, that was completely cheesy and completely intended.

In other news: my comforter (blanket)  from my dorming days has mold growing on it. T_T What the heck?! It was used last year in my dorm since I needed one blanket at home and one at school. When dorming was over and I went back to living at home, I sealed it up in the bag that it came in and placed it in our garage for later use. It’s only been less than a year, and last weekend I took it down from the garage shelf to wash it and use it again. I was super excited to use it once again (yeah, I’m sad) because it’s so nice and cozy!

So I looked at the top of the bag and noticed a bunch of dirt all over it. “Hmm, strange. How did dirt get on top of this bag?” I brush it off, unzip the bag, and on top of my comforter is a white bed sheet. Took a look at the bed sheet, and it was completely stained in yellow, with “dirt” all over it. “WHAT THE HECK?!” Sniffed it, smelled like fertilizer, and then I realized it was mold. SO SAD. I removed the completely soiled bed sheet and checked the comforter underneath for any damage. Yup, it had black spots growing in it. :( It wasn’t completely soiled like the bed sheet though, so I might have a chance of restoring it back to life with vinegar perhaps. If that works I’ll make a post about me vs. mold.

On another note, one of my favorite bands is coming to my city. Literally, they’ll be like FIVE minutes away from me. Never ever has this happened and what a coincidence that it is my favorite band. I’ve loved every single one of their songs (that rarely happens) and while listening to their live album, I was just in utter bliss, vowing that I would go to their concerts at least once in my life. (Which is a pretty easy goal to complete, but the only issue was they are in Canada and I am in California in the U.S.) They’re called The Birthday Massacre, if anyone is wondering, and they are not mainstream at all. They are more of a synthrock and electronica band (my favorite genre), and are more well known with the underground crowd.

Anyway, you can bet I am stoked for this concert. However, yes always the however, they are touring with a couple of other bands. The other bands? They’re all heavy metal and screaming bands. I’m sorry if anybody likes that genre, but I am not into that at all. Even with music I do not like, I can at least sit through it. But metal and screaming, those are the only genres in which I cannot even sit through and listen to it. For me, it’s really displeasing to my ears. So right now I’m debating on whether I should go to the concert or not because I’m not sure how much showtime TBM is going to get. If it’s at least an hour, then I will endure the heavy metal for the other hours. But if it’s less than that, it might be a really unpleasant experience for me. I really don’t know. I just don’t want to regret not going to a concert that’s like 5 minutes away from my house.