The last time I updated was in the middle-ish of July, so I’m always a bit sad whenever I am not able to post at least one blog entry a week. But here I am, and hopefully I can fill in the gaps!

Sometime between then and now, my boyfriend and I went to the county fair! I had gone a few times in my lifetime before, but I never went with him before. As expected, it was a really special day for the both of us. You know those typical movies where a couple goes on a date at the carnival? Well, It felt something like that (without the drama) and it was really sweet. I actually took two final exams earlier in the day, and as a wonderful reward, my boyfriend took me to the fair right after I was done. It was on a Wednesday, where there was a children’s book drive taking place. If you donate one new book, you get a free ticket! So I brought in two books and we got in for free.

We visited the little farm and animal barns. I love animals, so that never fails to keep me entertained. We saw lots of goats, a huge mama pig with piglets, sheep, bunnies, llamas, and all types of birds (one of my favorite animals!). I think my favorite bird that we saw was the quail. They are SO cute! They’re like these round little fluffballs running around on the floor. *blush* The peacock was very impressive too, and his female mate was sitting on some eggs!

Afterwards we pretty much just walked around checking out the fairgrounds. Once we started getting hungry we got ourselves a blooming onion. It was really good! But for just two people we got tired of it 2/3 of the way, and I ended up just eating the fried batter part on the outside of the onion slices. We were also going to try some sort of crazy fair food, like deep fried snickers or something really bizarre, but after eating that greasy blooming onion, I don’t think we felt like going through with our plan anymore. :p

After walking around some more, we checked out the game booths! We had already gone around the entire place seeing which stuffed animal prizes were the cutest. My boyfriend had this cute goal of winning me something. He was really dead set upon winning me something nice. *love* He played at a few booths, but the one that was most memorable was this one game where you can purchase a bucket of rings and in order to win you have to toss the ring so that it goes through the top of a glass soda bottle. There were a bunch of soda bottles lined up. It was really hard because the rings are pretty small and from a distance it’s more like a game of luck rather than skill with the rings bouncing all over the place. He spent so much money on that game because the GIGANTIC penguin (I think it was even taller than me!) was sooooo cute and he really wanted to win it for me! After a few buckets (and I helped him a bit) of rings, we gave up (and even then I had to convince him to not spend all his money! T_T ).

But he DID end up winning me two stuffed animals which you saw in a photo at the top of this post! The penguin was sooo lucky! After we finally gave up on the ring toss game I mentioned above, I told him to just play something for fun and not think about the prize. He decided to play this shooting game where you shoot a watergun at a small hole, and whoever gets the most water in within a minute or something wins! Well, he won! It was against a bunch of people too, so he got to pick one of the nicer stuffed animals as the winner, which was the penguin I wanted. Sooo cute!

The gorilla was won with a little “help” from a friend who was working at the fair. It was a game of pool and you had to shoot at least 1 ball into the hole each time but our friend just pushed the balls in every time he missed. :D haha, such a dirty way to win, but my friend said it was okay, since they make a lot of money ripping people off (people who waste hundreds of dollars on these games and win a stuffed animal worth a few dollars).

We checked out the art gallery they had, too. It had displays of winning things that people made. Like woodwork, quilts, paintings, food art, etc. Some of the things were really nice.

When we got hungry for “real” food, we shared a chicken kabob which was really tender and good. And for our last bit of fair food, we got a funnel cake with fresh strawberries. It was THE most delicious funnel cake I had ever eaten in my life! It was very crispy and soft in the middle, and it was actually possible to cut it with a knife! In the past all the funnel cakes I ate were too hard to be cut apart. We pretty much devoured it. Yum.

We also got one free carnival ride with our tickets, so we went on the ferris wheel. It was my boyfriend’s first time riding one, and he is deathly scared of heights and rides, so he was breaking out in a cold sweat and shaking while we were on it, lol. I tried my best to calm him and hold him, but he didn’t calm down until the end of our ride, haha. Oh well, but he still thought it was romantic and kind of got over his fear of the ferris wheel, so goal accomplished! That was our last event of the day, so afterwards we went home all tired and satisfied. *_*