A while back I was debating whether or not to go to the concert where one of my favorite bands would be playing. It was super close to my house (five minutes) and the price was really cheap for a concert (about $25 each after all fees). The only drawback was the other bands that were a part of the concert. There were five other bands and all of them were metal bands, which is a genre of music I am just not fond of.

Anyways, my boyfriend and I were like, “Aw, what the heck? It’s so close, this may be a rare opportunity, and the price is very reasonable,” so we decided to go. I’m super glad we did!

Before we headed to the concert, we had dinner at Corner Bakery. We shared some Pesto Cavatappi and a Club Panini, and had a Maple Pecan Bar for dessert. It was funny because my boyfriend kept acting nervous since apparently you can go pick up your tickets at 6PM and we were still eating when it was 5:50. But remember, the concert was only 5 minutes away and since the bands that were performing are pretty underground we didn’t have to worry about lines and crowds. The concert wouldn’t begin until 7 anyway and The Birthday Massacre would be playing towards the end. Nevertheless, he was still panicking while I was taking my sweet time eating, haha.

When we were in the parking lot we actually had doubts on where the theater was. The theater was super small and a bit run down looking, and you couldn’t necessarily tell it was the theater because it was tucked away behind another building. Some of the people we saw at the concert were exactly what I was expecting. Saw some guys wearing all black with crazy mohawks, girls with huge platform heels, fishnet leggings, short skirts and colorful hair. BUT, we also saw some unexpected people. We saw this old lady wearing a floral outfit bobbing her head in the moshpit while a metal band was performing. Haha, she was really interesting to watch!

Like I said, the theater was super small, but there was a couch area where my boyfriend and I spent half of our time while the metal bands were performing. There was even a screen in the room, showing the stage. So even though we planted our butts on that couch for a good portion of the concert, I really enjoyed it because we just passed the time by chatting away. While we were listening to the metal bands, we were like, “Hey, this isn’t too bad,” and somewhat enjoyed the performances. But after the second band it started getting old and honestly, we would never listen to that stuff at home, haha. We’re just pretty much awesome, because we like the make the most out of a situation. ^_^

We even went down into the moshpit while one of the metal bands were playing, just to check it out. Well, during our time there, people immediately started backing away from the middle of the crowd. Why? Some guys started moshing and pushing each other/running into each other. LOL, I freaked out because bf and I are both pretty petite and I didn’t want either of us getting killed. :p

I thought there was a total of seven bands playing, so we decided we could get into the moshpit when the fifth band was playing their last song because The Birthday Massacre would be playing next to last. The main band was actually called OTEP, and they played last. Well, it turns out there was only a total of SIX bands, so TBM played fifth! Thus, we kind of missed our opportunity to get into the moshpit early and claim a spot in front. But we didn’t miss any of it at least, because we got a little worried and went out to check if they would be playing just in case. And good thing we did! We saw them set up a keyboard on stage, and that triggered flashing lights in our heads, haha. None of the metal bands used keyboards…TBM is an electronia/synth band, so they were the only ones who would use a keyboard.

They put up a great performance. The sound was a little crappy but I think that was due to the old theater. The vocals weren’t amazing either, but I understand that singing live everyday is pretty difficult. Nevertheless, they put up a great show! Rainbow (guitar) and Chibi (lead singer) have great personalities that shine on stage and everyone else at least looked cool, haha. The energy coming from the crowd was great too. As with any concert, I had a few complaints, but it was okay. There was this guy who was recording the performance on his camera and his extended arm would follow the lead singer wherever she went on stage, resulting in him pushing me around and his arm obstructing my view. There were a few tall, middle-aged men standing in front of us too. And last but not least, this drunken guy came up and said “Hey, that’s my bro, man,” pointing to one of the middle-aged men, and he squeezed his way in front of me to stand with him during the concert. So I had sweaty middle-aged men (with B.O.) standing in front of me and I am a very short girl, so I wasn’t too happy about that. Just a minor setback though! The show was still really enjoyable. It was worth it all.

I’m surprised by how many songs they sang too. It was about the length of one album. They played: “In the dark,” “Lover’s end,” “Looking Glass,” “Red Stars,” “Goodnight,” “Sleepwalking,” “Pins and Needles,” “Happy Birthday,” “Control,” and “Blue.” My boyfriend and I were hoping they would play “To Die For.” We noticed that they skipped out on the synthesizers (which makes their sound very unique). They pretty much stuck to heavy guitars. I think they might have done that to appeal to the crowd more and maybe blend in more with the other metal bands. But honestly their synthesizers are what separate them from other bands, so I was a little disappointed. Hopefully if we ever go to one of their shows again, it will have more emphasis on their synth sound!

After they finished playing, we went to the merchandise stand and I bought a poster! And my boyfriend bought me a shirt. ^_^ We were pretty much out of cash after that…lol. But I’ve always wanted a poster and t-shirt from them! Their website doesn’t carry the nice ones anymore, but they did at the concert, so I didn’t hesitate in getting them. Plus, no shipping fees or taxes. I felt bad that we didn’t get anything for my boyfriend, so I offered him my poster but he wouldn’t take it, that sweetheart. I promised him that at the next concert we would buy him something. :p

I had class the next morning, but I didn’t sleep until like 2AM since I was still basking in happiness. :D