Last night/today I was yet again deprived of sleep. I procrastinated and was left with starting & finishing 6 to 7 pages of math homework that was due today. *sweatdrop* It took me a total of maybe sixish hours to complete it…I started on Sunday night, and ended up sleeping for about 4 hours and then I had to go to class. Afterwards I had a 3 hour gap before my class to complete the homework and turn in my nicely stapled 7 pages of math homework. haha, yeah pretty bad as usual. I never recommend my ways. :X

Let’s say it did take me about six hours to finish everything. Maybe if I just started doing an hour or so of it every day and then used Sunday night to just finish up some problems, I would have been done with enough time to sleep. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? But for the average college student such as myself, I don’t know why there’s always such an obstacle for us to follow through with the simple plan. I guess I need some more self-discipline where I tell myself, “Ok, one hour of uninterrupted math homework,” and then just do it. Kind of like when you were a kid and your parents made you sit at a desk for a designated time to complete your homework of fractions before you could go watch TV? Too bad that type of habit never successfully transfers into adult age, lol.

And with other classes on top of it, you start to feel overwhelmed and priorities get a little shaky, and then sometimes you may just never get started. :/ Well, I’m trying to work on it. Turning into a college junior this following school year, so I still have (hopefully) two years left to become an efficient student before I graduate. But I definitely know that most people graduate and still are terrible procrastinators.

So, today in my discussion class for math, this girl sitting next to me started chatting with me so naturally I started talking back. At some point she said she liked my hair. I don’t think I ever ended up mentioning it in my blog before, but about a year ago I got “peek-a-boo” blonde highlights in my naturally black hair, and if you’re unfamiliar with that, it just means the blonde streaks are beneath my first layer of hair so that even if they grow out, you can’t see the root of the blonde streaks. It makes for something a little more discreet and easier to maintain (don’t have to get them retouched as often).

Anyway, here were her words:

Her: “I like your hair.”
Me: “Oh, thanks.”
Her: “It reminds me of a witch.”
Me: o_O “Um, thanks, I guess?”
Her: “Oh no, I like it.”
Me:  !._. “Ha, well thanks then. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing.”