So as usual I had very little sleep due to a midterm I took this morning (geez, what else is new, right?). I studied a good amount and I studied reeeeally hard! I was like, damn, I know my stuff for once, I’m gonna ace this! But after I took the exam and walked out, I felt terrible, as usual. A lot of things I made sure to understand and memorize fully were not on the exam, but some things I didn’t think to study were on there. T_T Whyyyy meeee???

This no fun, no sleep, class all day, study-only schedule is getting really old, *sighs*. But it’ll be over in exactly three weeks, I think. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but after being on campus for roughly ten hours a day and then having to study for constant tests with a fast-paced schedule it gets really draining…

ANYWAY, I just love the title of today’s blog entry. Why? Let me explain. Yesterday while I was studying, locked up in a study room inside of the library for about seven hours, I came across “Dam Methylase” while reviewing my molecular biology material. “methylates at the origin, preventing reinitiation too quickly” blah blah blah. Yeah, that’s what I have to learn while people are out playing at the beach. T_T But I digress! The stinking name is just too hilarious!!! Okay, so this is completely nerdy of me to think anything biology-related is funny, AND let’s not forget that I was getting delirious in that room all by myself studying without end.

The reason why it’s so funny, is because it’s just a scientific name for an enzyme, but it sounds like you’re swearing every time you say it. In lecture my professor kept talking about “dam methylase” and she said the name always bothered her because it didn’t have an “n” at the end of “dam.” So every time she mentioned the enzyme during class, I would just pretend that’s what she would sound like if she swore (because she’s a sweet, quirky lady and it’s funny imagining her swearing). And while I was studying I was of course irritated by the fact that I had to stuff all this information in my brain, so I was like, “DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE DAM METHYLASE!!!!!” D:

… Okay. So this may officially be one of the most nerdiest posts I have ever written, but cut me some slack!!! I cannot deny my dorky/nerdy side. And I can’t help it either when I’m constantly studying 24/7 this summer. @_@