Last summer session in my organic chemistry class, I remember seeing this girl. I believe the top layer of her hair was dyed blonde and the bottom layer was left her natural color, which was brown. It must have been maybe at least half a year since she retouched (aka redyed) the roots of her hair that were growing out, so you could see her new, brown hair growing in and pushing the blonde hair out. In my opinion, I hate the look of roots growing in and it looks kind of trashy. My logic is, if you don’t have the time or money to retouch your hair, you might as well just stick to your normal hair. You obviously know that your hair is going to grow out, so you have to be sure you’re able to dye it again once it does. -_-

Just a pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, back to the girl. I actually had a lot of respect for this stranger because I could tell her roots had grown out, BUT she made very excellent efforts to hide them! Sometimes she would wear a cute hat, but the best creative solution I saw from her was the use of a bandana or large headband. It just looked like a normal hair accessory, but it covered up the roots of her hair growing out, too! I thought that was a great solution. My guess is that she probably just wanted to hide her roots until she could retouch them again, and she probably had a salon she was a regular to back at home. Most college students wait till they go home to go to their regular places to do the usual things, involving haircuts, dentists, doctors, etc.

That is one advantage in living at home or near home while attending university. You can still go to your regular places as usual without any hassle.

On another note, my mommy loves me! She noticed I was wearing my Converse shoes every single day for a long time. I don’t have any other shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear to school, since I stay on campus for almost 10 hours and I have to trek across the campus park to get to class all the time. She quickly surprised me yesterday with new shoes already! That was so fast. I’m such a hard person to shop shoes for because my feet are so tiny. T_T Hopefully these shoes will serve me well!

I almost forgot; updates on my midterm exams. They’re over! Yes! Well, that is until final exams, which will come in about two weeks. But still! I’m so happy the midterms are over with. I got my score back for my molecular biology exam and I got above the average score, and what’s more is I even got above the standard deviation! So happy. I really did study hard for the test and I was disappointed when my professor announced the extremely low average, but I ended up doing better than that. ^_^ I took my calculus midterm yesterday and I feel pretty good about it, but I’m also afraid of disappointing myself or jinxing myself. O_O We had two hours for the test, but I finished half an hour early so I spent that time checking my answers. During that time, I managed to fix three problems that would have definitely been incorrect otherwise! I don’t know, having done that, I felt a lot more confident about my test. I’m pretty anxious for the scores, and I just hope I’m not too disappointed when I get mine.