Last year my friends and I were having lunch at our college’s food court and some of them were making a lot of racist jokes about each other. After a while this Caucasian guy sitting nearby jumped into our conversation and started talking to us. Which I totally understand because my friends were being rather offensive. I didn’t care much for our conversation and had nothing to say.

However, it started getting weird when he started going on really crazy tangents. His logic is seriously warped. He started talking about our president (Obama) and tying in biology (mitochondria) and all kinds of crap all in one go. It got really weird. I could tell of us didn’t want to talk to him anymore, but he kept on blabbing and blabbing and BLABBING! We couldn’t end our conversation.

He went on to say really doubtful stuff about how he hangs out with a lot of Asian friends, so he considers himself as one of “us” (remember, I am Asian). Which is fine, Weird Dude, because you’re free to label yourself however you want. When he found out that two of us (including myself) were Viet and one of my friends was half, he started talking about how he knew some Vietnamese. He took out his little notecard and started reciting some Vietnamese to us. At first, I was like, “Oh, that’s pretty good pronunciation.” Which was a HUGE mistake, because it must have blown up his ego and kept trying to speak Vietnamese to us. As he went on and on in his horrible Vietnamese, my friend and I had no idea what he was saying. I admit I am not as fluent in Vietnamese, but he was so bad that I couldn’t even figure out what he was trying to say. My other friend lived in Vietnam for EIGHT years and it was his first language, so he was very fluent, but he also had NO idea what Weird Guy was saying because his Vietnamese was so bad!

And it just got really awkward because he kept trying to speak Vietnamese while the rest of us just looked at each other and had no idea what he was saying. Finally he had to leave for class, so he left us alone.

That’s the first encounter with him last year.

It’s summer now, and I’m taking a Molecular Biology class, right, and I saw him again in our class! My friend likes to sit in the front row, and she usually gets there before me so she saved me a seat. Before I sat down, I noticed she was talking to this guy two seats away from her. Once I sat down next to her, the guy was on my left. Yup, it was him. Same guy.

He was asking her about her ethnicity I guess, because when I sat down he was asking her, “So, your girlfriend, is she Laotian too?” And at first I was thinking in my head, wtf, you have a girlfriend? I’m confused, you’re not into girls, are you? LOL. That’s when I realized he was talking about ME. As in, I am her friend and I am a girl. He was bragging about how he usually is able to tell Asian ethnicities apart easily.

Fast forward, he the guy KEEPS asking me for my name, even though he’s been told my name at least three times already. He certainly doesn’t remember me from last time, either.

Then he kept trying to speak Vietnamese to me again! Despite his horribly spoken Vietnamese, I think he was trying to say “I love you,” and “Do you speak Vietnamese?” What. The. F***. Not this again. So I was like, “What are you saying? Excuse me?” etc. Eventually he finally got fed up with me and said angrily, “You don’t know Vietnamese,” and got up and left. LMAO. WOW, really??? He knows a few phrases in Vietnamese, which I cannot understand through his horribly pronounced words, and he had the nerve to say that to me.

I just hope the next time he sees me, he will finally stop talking to me. I feel like he might be either socially awkward or he has at least some kind of mental disability! Because he’s seen me before, and he asked me at least 3 times what my name was, even though I just TOLD him what it was. He also has some weird Asian fetish that he seriously needs to get over.

Let’s hope I won’t encounter Weird Dude ever again. Although I have a feeling I might.