Sigh, it’s finals week here at summer session and I’m supposed to be studying really hard for my two final exams on Wednesday. But for some reason I just CAN’T sit still and study, so I decided to blog for a bit. I really hate this feeling. Time is ticking and my stress level is increasing but I still can’t concentrate and I hate it. After an entire summer of taking 4 fast-paced classes, I think I am officially burnt out. My efforts the past two days have been noble though. On both Saturday AND Sunday I went to my deserted campus to go to my professor’s office hours to ask some questions and study on campus for a bit. That’s the first time I’ve ever gone to office hours for a professor, too. !._.

Anyway, isn’t it weird when you eat something in particular and you just can’t eat enough? Normally you would be full and you would stop eating, but because it tastes sooo good you just keep eating and you don’t even feel full?

Like certain snack foods. For some people it’s sour cream & onion chips. For others it’s Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins. Soooo addicting! And then you say, What the heck! I just can’t stop eating you! haha.

Today my parents had a little party and one of their guests brought over fried chicken legs and wings. It was special though, Vietnamese-style, because it tasted like it was marinated in some kind of fish sauce. I can’t find anything about it online but this recipe might be it, or something similar I think. I have to remember to ask my mom what it is exactly. That might sound gross to some people, but I love it! American-style fried chicken is so plain sometimes. Once in a while my parents’ friends will make Vietnamese-style fried chicken and I just can’t eat enough of it. I ate a full meal for dinner so I should be good, but after eating the chicken I just felt like eating more and more. It’s as if I’m still hungry and could still go for another hour, haha.

Now I fully understand why sometimes people say, “There must be crack in this food!” because it is seriously addicting, lol.