Hi all! I am back blogging, finally. Summer school has been over for about a week already, but I guess I got lazy with blogging so I just spent the entire week avoiding my blog. :p

First thing’s first. I ended my summer session with a BANG! You know what grades I got for Molecular Biology and Calculus? Solid “A’s” for the both of them! BAM! haha. It feels so uplifting! >:) It is my first “A” in biology OR a math class EVER since I entered University. You may or may not recall, but last year during the fall of my sophomore year I struggled so much. I ended up scraping by with grade that are unspeakable in Asian families (And no, they were far worse than a “B+”). But ever since then I’ve tried so hard to make up those grades and do even better in future classes. So far it has been paying off so much and I hope I don’t lose this kind of motivation, well…ever.

After that I pretty much celebrated by being lazy at home, seeing a few good movies, catching up with my anime-watching, and going out to fantastic places to eat/drink with my Beloved. We really enjoy Boba, which is a bubble tea craze that has been taking over the wallets of most young people. As of late we have also really enjoyed Japanese food such as sushi and ramen. We’ve also gone to a few authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants and they’re such great finds. I really must includes food pictures in my blog someday and maybe even include reviews. We love food that much!

Just yesterday my Beloved also moved into his new apartment close to our University. It’s really rather nice (although the expensive price shows for it) and he’s so lucky that I’m envious! I’m under a lot of loans so I opted to live at home for the next year again, and it really leaves me a bit left out when it comes to friends living near campus, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We are both hoping I’ll be able to spend a lot of time in his apartment though, so that perhaps it can become my other home. ^_^

Website updates: I have written two articles. It is about how to save money on college textbooks and an in depth review about Chegg, a textbook renting company that I use. This one took a rather lengthy time to finally post up. I have written in extreme detail complete with pictures! I also posted up an article about my top ten FireFox Add-Ons. Hopefully more useful articles soon to come. ^_^