Hi everyone, my site has probably lost a lot of views by now, but I hope some of you will come back because I’m here again!

Yes, I was hacked for those of you who missed it. It made me incredibly upset because my website means a lot to me, and finding a horribly ugly page (complete with horror movie pictures) with terrible looping music as my index page made me freak out. I couldn’t log into my site and I didn’t know how to remove the hacker’s tasteless page, and I really thought my database was either deleted or tampered with. However, after getting some help from my really kind friends, Luana and Dave, it’s mostly sorted out now and it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.

I need to upgrade or reinstall this weekend to hopefully get WordPress to be more secure, and figure out how to make my website less vulnerable. I don’t know how successful I will be in that, but I am just really happy to have my site back for now and find all of my data untouched.

So, FadedOut.com may be down again this weekend if I have the time to upgrade Word Press. Thank you to anyone who was at all concerned for my site.