Today has been a gloomy-doomy day and I ended up napping the entire day until it was past late evening. D: With that depressing note, I will now a fun blog post. Today shall be the highlights of my younger years in a “timeline” sort of thing.

Kindergarten:  I made my first friend in Kindergarten by accident; I had thought she was someone else and although she wasn’t the right person we became friends. For some wacky reason I was popular with the girls, but I was a weird child and only wanted one friend so I kind of shooed away the other girls and only hung out with the previously mentioned girl, who ended up being my bestfriend. Of course, in the end it led to disaster because Bestfriend decided she didn’t want to play with me one day and wanted to play with someone new. End result: me in tears all day with my mother being really mean when she she picked me up from school, and forcing me to tell her what was wrong (I feel too ashamed to tell her) or else she wouldn’t take me home with her. *sigh*

First Grade: My memories are vague, but I remember having two separate bestfriends (weird, considering back then I was pretty “monogamous” and only wanted one friend). One was J. and the other was M. I adored J. but she moved away, as did M. at the end of the year. What luck. The first two good friends I had moved away. T_T Anyway, one memory I have of M. was a “dress up” party she had at her house one day. I was invited, as well as her other friends that I didn’t know. She had a whole chest of costumes and clothing for us to dress up in and play “house.” However, I remember one of the girls was really greedy and mean and took the nicest costume, and since I was a pushover, I was the only one with nothing left to wear. M’s mom was nice, however, and took one a ballerina dress that was too small for me to wear, but made it into a headdress for me. I was pretty happy enough and had fun. My mom, on the other hand, had a headache like usual and didn’t enjoy chitchatting with the other moms too much. So I had go to home early. What a buzzkill.

Second Grade: I had no interest in liking boys romantically, so when someone told me a boy liked me, I brushed it off. The most attention I ever get a boy was this somewhat rude boy, but it was only because he had the coolest set of colorful and scented markers I had ever seen. LOL. Now that I think of it, that’s probably a juvenile example of using your girl-ish charms and trying to be nice to a boy to get what you want. hahaha. Then one day the boy who had a crush on me asked me, “Can I kiss you?” and I simply said, “No,” as I shook my head with my eyelids half-closed in a sultry manner. And the only reason why my eyes were like that was because I had to pee. Really. Freaking. Bad. And kissing someone was the least of my worries.

Third Grade: I remember passing notes in a 3-person triangle between my (different) bestfriend, a boy, and myself. I ended up throwing a note at the boy saying my bestfriend liked him. It was only meant to be a joke, and she was supposed to deny it. But in the end when he asked if her she liked him according to the note, she only looked flustered and angry. Um, oops? How was I supposed to know she had a crush on him? And if she did like him, wasn’t it a good thing to break the ice? Well, I guess that’s not how the mind of an eight year old works. She never spoke to me nicely ever again.

This was also the first time I ever cheated in my life. We were taking our multiplications test. There was a boy who was sitting next to me and he was looking at my paper. Then he proceeded to tell me that “3 times 6 is not 18, it’s 16,” or something like that. I was a very trusting girl, so I believed him and couldn’t believe I wrote the “wrong” answer on my paper in at least 5 places. So I went to change my answer, and he even placed his finger on the next answer each time for me to erase. But I should have known. This boy was a joker and probably had a snicker as he told me those lies, because when I got my test back, I got my first “F” for cheating.

Fourth Grade: I participated in our first school musical and play, The Wizard of Oz. I was nothing special, but I loved singing in the chorus and helping with the backstage part: painting, setting up, and even holding up the heavy, wooden props as the background of the play. I think it was the experience of sharing this play with everyone and bonding with everyone that made me really happy.

Fifth Grade: Before this point I was considered an “average” student with usually “C+’s” as my grades. The first year of my life where I excelled in school and was a straight “A” student. Became the teacher’s pet and loved it. Didn’t win valedictorian, but became salutatorian. My grades were neck-to-neck with the valedictorian, but what gave her the higher honor was the fact that her standardized test scores were higher than mine. Walked away from elementary school proudly, after giving a speech at our promotion.

Next portions of my life, to be continued…