On Sunday evening it was my second time attending a concert with The Birthday Massacre. This time they were the main band and almost all of the supporting bands playing before them were enjoyable too! It was a change from my first concert because if you recall, that was when I had to sit through about 5 screamo/metal bands before I was able to hear TBM and the main band wasn’t even TBM either. Additionally, Sunday’s concert was located at a venue that was a major improvement from our first concert! It was at a larger, nicer, and more well-known venue.

The sound quality was so much better! And Chibi, the lead singer, seemed to have sung better that night than she did at the first concert I attended. It sounded amazing just like I had been expecting after listening to her live concert albums and live YouTube recordings. The sound, the energy, everything was what I was hoping for the first time. The first time the sound quality was more muddled, and Chibi’s singing seemed to be a little off (but at the time we were ECSTATIC about the concert because it was our first time and we were maybe a foot away from the stage!). On Sunday, it was a major improvement AND they played the one song I was hoping they would play in concert. It’s called “To Die For” and I think it’s so surreal/dreamy; thus, making it an experience to remember if it was played in live concert.

Side Note: So I just searched YouTube for any videos of Sunday’s concert and I just found a whole bunch! Isn’t today’s Internet world just amazing? You can find almost anything within seconds… Anyway… after listening to a few videos to bring back memories of Sunday night, I have come to a realization. At most concerts (unless it was lip-synced) the singer is not going to be the same as their CD (duh, we all know that). But the thing is, when we’re at these concerts, their singing is the most amazing thing we’ve ever heard. Why? I think because when you’re surrounded by all the noise & speakers for one thing, your hearing is greatly reduced (*laughs*), but it’s also the fact that you’re actually there in person listening to your adored band perform live. These are songs you’ve been listening to in the comfort of your own home. But at the concert, you get to see it for real, and somehow the songs just come to life even more.

Anyway, back to my memories of Sunday night! While we were watching the second band performing before it was TBM’s turn, I looked back and I saw Rainbow (one of the band members) just standing a few feet away from us, chatting with a girl. I tapped Mart’s shoulder furiously and say “Isn’t that Rainbow????” (which was just a ridiculous thing to ask because how could that NOT be him?) and he confirmed my observation. For maybe a good 20-30 minutes we kept deliberating whether or not we should go up to him and ask if we could take a picture with him. It was so pathetic! LOL. T_T We ended up…not taking a picture with him because we were soooo shy…geez, what wussies we are. *sighs* -_-

Towards the end of the night we had a chance to go to the “meet and greet” and I really wanted a picture with them… but it was already past midnight and I had a presentation as well as a midterm the following Monday, so we just went home. T_T It’s okay. I think TBM is gaining popularity very quickly because I used to be sad a few years back because they never played concerts in my area, but look at me now! I’ve gone to two of their concerts already! So I think I’ll be going to another one someday in the near future, and I’ll get my picture for sure. ^_^

Also, thanks to the concert, I found a new band I enjoy. They are called Aural Vampire, a Japanese electronica/techno band. I can’t understand a word she’s saying, but it sure makes my ears happy. Haha. Check them out if you like electronica/techno.

Dommin was the second band that opened, and I don’t have much of an opinion about them. I enjoyed their songs and they were easy on the ears (I definitely prefer them over the past bands that opened for TBM), but I don’t think I’ll be listening to them on my own time.

The third band that played before it was finally TBM’s turn was called Black Veil Brides. I wasn’t a fan, at all. Their music is just not my genre. Metal is just not my thing. They seemed to have a good message. Apparently some guy in the mosh pit kept giving them the middle finger while they were performing, so the lead singer of Black Veil Brides called him out. Here’s roughly what happened (not in correct chronological order, either):

“So this guy right here,” *points to someone in mosh pit* “has been flipping me off the entire show. I don’t give a f**ck what you think. There are people who are here for Black Veil Brides. So everyone turn to him and tell him “F**K YOU!!”  *everyone in the mosh pit faces the guy, gives him the finger, and yells at him, ‘F**K YOU’* “You start your own band, make your own CD and have people listen to you, and THEN we’ll talk, okay? Haven’t you ever been bullied? Haven’t you ever felt alone? I know what you think, you think we’re emo, fags, whatever. Well f**k it, you can put all your anger on me, because I can stomach it, but don’t do that to anyone else who is here to have a good time!”

Earlier before the middle-finger incident, this was how the Black Veil Brides introduced themselves:

“We’re Black Veil Brides, and for those of you hiding in the back who don’t like us, we don’t give a F**K. We’re gonna waste your time and keep wasting your time.”

That just turned me off because why would you call out people who simply don’t like them? Even more than that, what if there are people who are standing in the back just because they couldn’t get close up front, and they happen to be really big fans? Or the people who are standing in the back and have never heard of them before? I don’t know, it just seemed too dramatic and too much of a dumb thing to say when you’re a band introducing yourself.

Thoughout the rest of the show, the leader singer of Black Veil Brides continued to swish water in his mouth and spray it at the audience, and then throw a water bottle in the direction of the middle-finger-guy. I thought half of his little monologue was a pretty good message. But when I thought about it a little more recently, I don’t think it was necessary for him to have thrown a water bottle at him, or have everyone in the room turn to him and flip him off. That kind of seemed like group bullying to me. Maybe if he just tactfully called out the middle-finger-guy and made his point, that would have been pretty awesome, but I don’t think it was necessary to go overboard like that. They just seem like they really want to build up the attention and drama. I don’t know. But regardless, this wasn’t the highlight of my night…

because The Birthday Massacre was awesome!!! The end :)

P.S. I got sick the morning after and I am currently sick at this very moment. Yay… -.-