It’s super duper early right now (6 AM…on a Saturday…during my winter break!!)! And yet…I still hear faint roars of frustration coming downstairs from my brother’s room. -_- That means my brother is still playing video games (multiple player first-person shooters of course) and yelling at his screen.

Anyway… I woke up nice and early myself to do the dishes, since we have a huge pile of them in the kitchen. I know my mom will be too tired and busy to do them this morning because she has work at 9 and is pretty much booked at work all day. Thought it’d be nice to have it clean before she goes to work. Also, I was supposed to finish my friend’s present before her surprise birthday today, eek!!! lol. It’s okay, the party’s not in twelve hours from now, but still, procrastination at its best. >_<

I got a haircut yesterday! My hair was extra long…maybe reaching my waist. It had a lot of split ends, and it was starting to get really tiresome. I hated brushing my hair in the morning because it took longer than it ever has before. The knots were just unending. If you’ve ever had long hair and had a major haircut (It’s a little below my shoulders now), you’ll know how great it feels to finally brush and wash your hair with 5 times less effort!

A full week of winter break has passed by now, with grades released so we’re no longer plagued by waiting (although I can’t say the same about being plagued by the results…). I haven’t really made a personal update in quite a while…basically, this fall quarter I didn’t do so well again with my study habits. I got caught up with napping or playing around during the evening until nighttime, but when nighttime came, I never felt like studying. Rinse and repeat until finally the midterms and finals came along.

Despite cramming the best I could for physics (about a week in advance), I still did poorly on the exams. I suppose I did average on my midterms (a D+ and maybe a B-) but for the final, I literally felt like I couldn’t do any of the problems. Thirty minutes into the test (we have two full hours), I felt like throwing in the white towel and already imagined what it would be like to retake this class. It was that bad. You know what I ended up getting on my final exam? It’s too shameful, but let’s just say I barely passed the class. However, I’m still really happy with the grade because it’s a borderline grade, giving me two choices that wouldn’t be possible without the borderline grade: I can retake this class for a better grade, or move on to the next level of physics.

As for developmental neurology, it was even more of a pleasant surprise. I did so poorly on the first exam (it was entirely short answer) but since that was only 40%, I had another chance to bring up my grade for the final, which is another 40%. I ended up with a solid “B” in the class, so I’m happy enough. Of course, I’m a little disappointed in myself because I know I could have gotten an “A” if only I had studied earlier and did better on the first midterm…

My last two classes: “Intro to Gangs” and an introductory level of Spanish were very easy classes, so I got an “A-” and an “A+” respectively. This is why I always take easy classes along with hard ones. It’s a great GPA booster. I took all hard sciences once and failed miserably… (of course, some…external factors were a major cause). It was a horrible quarter of organic chemistry, organic chem lab, calculus, and genetics. That was a fully loaded schedule and no cushioning class to help my GPA.