It feels like it’s been too long since I’ve updated. :/

For the first time in weeks? (Right now) I woke up in the middle of my sleep feeling BETTER. Ever since late January I was suffering from really bad allergies (sneezing, watery/itchy eyes, hard to breathe). I still don’t understand why I suffered such horrible symptoms but my best guess is that the weather here (thank you, global warming) grew very unusual and had super dry, hot winds blowing (this blows around all of the pollen or whatever it is I’m allergic to). You don’t understand how much I suffered everyday going to school! I brought endless tissues with me everywhere. At home I just felt like going to sleep.

A month later (last Sunday, Feb. 20), I felt extremely ill, but this time the illness wasn’t an allergy and it felt more like a flu. Ever since then I had a fever ranging from 100-103 degrees F every single day. I originally scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Feb 25 for allergies but obviously that turned into a checkup for my new sickness instead.

After an hour by myself waiting in the small, claustrophobic exam room (the doctor was behind schedule with other patients I guess), I was finally seen and although a flu test was given to me, it wasn’t the case. So she sent me for a chest x-ray just in case of pneumonia, and what do you know, she said I have mild pneumonia. It’s the only thing that explains my fever for almost a week (your fever should not last for that much longer than 3 days for colds/flu) and my constant coughing.

So there is my reason for not updating in what feels like forever. Roughly two months. Those horrible allergies. And more recently, pneumonia!!! For the curious, I believe my prolonged allergies (constant mucus build up) caused the pneumonia (which is an infection of the lungs). I’ll have to ask my doctor the next time I go if that’s what could have happened. That means next time I need to treat my allergy & go to the doctor asap.

I kind of miss a lot of things. Sadly, I miss studying. I am so behind in school because of feeling physically miserable for so long. I hope I can pass this quarter… And of course, I miss blogging here. Anyway, I was finally able to jump straight on and blog because this is the first time that I woke up feeling clearheaded for once. Maybe it’s the antibiotics the doc prescribed working. After hacking a bunch of phlegm from my lungs of course. lol T_T I’ll try to go back to sleep now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon…