I live in a fairly spacious house, which many people would consider as a great thing, but of course there are down sides to it as well. My mother would prefer for our family to live in a smaller house because of the huge amount of work that needs to be done with a big house. I certainly understand because even though I try to help her with the housework whenever I am not occupied with school (and admittedly, just lazy…), the housework feels like it is never-ending. I would mop one day and the next day the floor seems just as dirty (courtesy of my brother and father).

Honestly, my father is not such a handyman and he prefers not to do any work on the house… so we hire gardeners to mow our lawn. However, I am sure it would have saved us a lot of money if my father would have just bought some zero turn mowers and mowed our lawns himself every week or two.

And although we have quite a roomy house for a family of 4, we don’t have the luxury of air conditioners because of the electricity costs. I live in southern California, so although the weather is mostly very agreeable, sometimes the 100 degree weather makes me fry like eggs in my own room. How nice would it have been to have 4 ton air conditioners?!

My old roommate told me she had air conditioning in her house, but because her father was such a frugal man, he never allowed her to turn it on! So I suppose just having the air conditioner doesn’t automatically mean it will be used, haha.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a free can of paint. Guess what color I picked? PURPLE, of course, my faaavorite color. I’m thinking maybe someday I can finally fulfill my dream of painting my dull, off-white room! Some ceiling tile would be super nice too. Our house has that crumbly ceiling; I believe it is called “popcorn ceiling.” I personally hate it, although I think it’s just because I’ve been looking at it every time I look up at the ceiling since I’ve been born, haha. Ceiling tile would look so stylish. Definitely keeping that in mind for the future.

I mean, all in all, I personally think I live in a great, modest house. But sometimes I am certainly jealous of other people’s luxuries. We always want what we can have, isn’t that right?