According to my daily planner, today is officially the first day of summer. Which is funny, because all this time I thought it was summer season already. Maybe that explains why it has still been gloomy and cool as of late. I checked the weather though, and tomorrow will be a nice and warm day for me! :D I love summer, if you couldn’t tell.

I just finished my 1 week of summer vacation. lol. That was rather fast, but I am taking two summer sessions at the university so I won’t have too long of a summer break from school. It’s okay though, because this year I am only taking one class per session. Phew. Hopefully it will be a bit more relaxing than last year because I took on a full load last summer. I worked hard every day and never got a break, so I did feel pretty burnt out. My 1 week of break was pretty great. I spent a lot of time doing random stuff with my boyfriend and…going to the gym!!! I hadn’t gone to the gym since my freshman year (that was 2 years ago). Feeling sore, but I’m also feeling very good. ^_^ You get the best sleep after working out at the gym.

Today was my dad’s birthday, too. It’s a bit different, though, because my dad is a weird man and he & I don’t have the most normal relationship. Although he is home more than my mom is, we don’t talk much (when we do talk, he’s usually unnecessarily nagging me about my future, or making me feel bad about something or other). He doesn’t know much about me, either. Sometimes he has to ask how old I am when he needs to fill out some information. When it’s my birthday, he never is aware of it unless someone else tells him. Last year he didn’t say a word to me about my birthday.

But besides that, it just feels weird doing something extraordinary for my dad because of our relationship, you know? So I usually don’t do anything for his birthday. This year however, I got him a card (which is pretty special considering I haven’t got him a card since I was like 8 or something) and left it on his desk so he could find it later. That’s pretty much it. *blush* He probably found it by now, but he’s always glued to his computer, and I came home late today, so I haven’t talked to him at all. *shrug* I hope it brightened his day a little bit if anything.