My friend is possibly going to visit her “homeland” back in the Philippines this summer, but her father has been super worried about letting her and her mother go back. Apparently they will be staying at her grandmother’s house, but her grandmother’s house has been robbed a few times before… :/ That’s pretty concerning, but at least nobody was ever hurt.

So I advised my friend that perhaps she will be perfectly fine, but she shouldn’t bring along any valuables in case there is a robbery while she is there. Maybe her family should look into home security ronan. Having a safe home is pretty important. Most people feel safe with just locked doors and windows, but I suppose in some places there is more danger than in others. That’s when you really should take precautions so you don’t have to go through the troubles and heartaches of something worse happening later on.

My friend was also worried about being bored while on her trip. You know how it is. Sometimes family trips can get a little dry. Most of those people you hold dear in your heart, but honestly they’re not the people you would want to spend a Friday night with. :p I suggested maybe she request for some satellite TV. haha. If you’re interested in getting satellite TV yourself for some fun entertainment, check out