Sometimes when I’m out at a food court or at school, I occasionally see a person wearing a uniform that is one color and not exactly flattering to their body. AKA the nursing scrub. But besides that, I give them a lot of respect because I see them as someone who works long hours and is helping other people.

I honestly had no idea that scrubs could come in different designs. Check it out:

Scrubs are supposed to be really comfortable so that you can work long hours at the hospital without being distracted by your own discomfort. But who knew you could also look fashionable while doing it? I think it’s a great idea because most women want to look and feel beautiful even while they’re working. It definitely should not be the priority of a nurse, but I’m sure feeling a little confident will lift her spirits a little when she works a long day.

I would definitely give them a look if I’m interested in some stylish but comfortable scrubs. Check out their cotton scrub uniforms. You can even get some customized scrubs if you want, too.