I call this, "the Spiderman"

My mom gets beauty supplies on sale, so she got the new OPI Shatter nail polish on sale! It’s pretty exciting. This type of “shatter” nail polish has been a huge trend as of late. The polish (full retail price) is freaking expensive. But I guess that’s how it is when you’re jumping on the bandwagon for a big trend.

So my mother bought black, white, and silver. I’ve tried the white one but to my dismay it looked really crappy. I was super upset because I was very excited and wasted a few hours making sure my base coat was very dry before applying it. And when I finally applied the white shatter, it looked so fugly that I had to remove it with nail polish remover; my pretty base coat went along with it T_T

That was certainly discouraging, but I REALLY wanted to see good results because the pictures and videos I’ve seen of the nail polish are so amazing. People keep ranting and raving about it. haha. I gave it another shot, but this time with the black shatter nail polish. At first I was skeptical, but it finally worked!

Red & Black

The verdict? Undecided. haha. My result didn’t come out as blocky as I was hoping for. It came out with more of a grungy look. So I guess it looks pretty cool if grungy is what you’re looking for.

I think there’s a bit of a learning curve to using this new nail polish. Yes you can slap it on and be done quick, but I think it might take me a few tries to perfect it. You see, I think how you apply it will determine how the end product looks.

How does it work? Basically you have to paint a base coat on your nail first. For me, I chose a red/hot pink. It must be completely dry before you can attempt putting on the shatter polish. When it is definitely dry, you just paint on the shatter polish. Within a minute the nail polish will shrink and shatter into that design. If you blow on it, it will dry faster and crack faster too. The polish MUST be applied quickly (and with as little coats as possible) because it dries super fast and going over the cracks again will most likely mess up the design.

I noticed that the thicker you apply the polish, the bigger the cracks are. If you apply it thinly, you will find very thin streaks. Next time I think I will go for thicker application since I want the big cracks and blocks. Overall I recommend it if you’re willing to try something new. Just be prepared for the price tag and the necessity of practice in order to get perfect shattering.