So my boyfriend and I aren’t the best of cooks. In fact, we’re very new at it. We started giving cooking a try this school year because it was my boyfriend’s first year living alone in an apartment. Since he’s had to make his own food, we took cooking as a new challenge and a fun date for the two of us. Especially since we love food! I like to choose really tasty recipes. It’s like eating at a restaurant and trying something new…except cheaper since we made it ourselves.

Our most recent cooking adventure was making crepes. It should be pretty simple right? Well somehow the stove lit on FIRE! I panicked. I think my boyfriend was in panic mode as well because he tried to blow it out with his mouth! LOL. I was yelling something like, “What are you doing?! Don’t do that, that makes it worse!!!”

In the end, he poured some water over the small fire and it went out. It was AMAZING that the smoke alarm did not go off, even though it would be set off by the smallest things, such as opening a hot oven. The smoke alarms in the apartments are extremely sensitive and very loud. Ironically, the smoke alarm went off when I tried to take the pan off of the stove, but not from the fire itself. Nevertheless, I believe the fire was a grease fire, because the fire started on the stove itself. It was an electrical stove, so that was probably not a good idea to put water on it.

Next time we need to be more careful and clean the stove before working with it. Also, we should have a fire extinguisher handy. I read up a bit on kitchen fires and apparently salt or baking soda can also safely smother a fire. *sweatdrop*