I love going to the beach. I live on the west coast so beaches are about a 20-30 minute drive away. ^_^ I don’t go as often as you would think, even though I live so close to beaches. I just don’t like going when it’s cold (and the beach is always windy, so when it’s winter, it is cold!). I do love going when the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to just go out in your swimwear. 8-)

I went with my boyfriend and as expected, it was such a fun and relaxing date.


I took a quick picture of the beach we were at from our cozy little spot. You can see I was in the shade from the umbrella I brought from home. The little plastic thing on the floor was the cover the umbrella was inside of. Oops; I should have put it away before snapping a picture, haha.

The first thing I noticed was that everyone was so tan! Beach bods everywhere. It made me feel a little self-conscious, lol. I felt like the palest skin-toned person there! But whatever, I was there to enjoy myself, which I did!

Besides tanning a bit and resting in the shade, we went down to the water and splashed around for a while. It was cold at first, but after you get used to it, it feels really good in the hot sun. My favorite part was estimating how big a wave would be when it hit us, and then being utterly surprised when it totally and unexpectedly wet our crotches, LOL.

Then we built a moat…thingy. When the waves would wash up to our moat, the center of our moat would be filled with water and we saw little water bugs in it! It was so much fun!

I gave my boyfriend my book (Catch-22) to read at his request, and while he started reading I took a leisurely nap. When I woke up to two mens’ voices nearby, I looked over at my boyfriend and found him asleep, too. lol! He said I looked so comfortable that he fell asleep soon after. That seems to happen a lot between the two of us. :p

[The end of this anecdote is slightly inappropriate, don’t read if you don’t like sexual jokes] Like I said, I was awakened by those two men. They were throwing a football at each other, and talking about their younger days about being on a football team. One man said to the other, “How do you do it? All the ladies are so into you!” And at another time, one guy said, “I can’t believe [insert name] didn’t come today!” The other man responded with, “Oh it’s their anniversary today. 7 years I think.” The first guy then said, “Oh. Dinner at TGIFs, Jack Daniel’s shrimp dinner, sleep early at 9. Sloppy blowjob.” Since I was pretending to still be asleep, I imagined them to be young guys. But when I finally looked at them, they turned out to be middle-aged men or older, and balding! haha.