On July 3rd I went to a museum with my boyfriend. We had been wanting to go for a long time, but never ended up going until this month, finally. We went because admission was free for that day, woohoo. $_$ We love free, who doesn’t? haha. It was kind of cute because we were probably one of the only “young” couples there. We saw plenty of families, older couples, and lots of elderly couples. I was telling my boyfriend, “Cool, does this mean we’re refined?” since we barely hit our twenties and we’re already visiting museums like old people. LOL :p We both thought the same thing; when we saw the elderly couples walking hand in hand, we both hoped that someday we can grow old together and visit museums together just like them. It was really sweet.

Outside of Museum

It was a really relaxing, enjoyable visit. I think my favorite was the Japanese exhibit from the Edo Period. The art displayed was so delicate, such as wall scroll paintings and shoji screens.

There was also art from the Pacific Islands, American Quilts, Art from an American Whaler, Ancient China, and a few others.

The coolest display was of this necklace from the Pacific Islands and it was a necklace made of human fingers!!! *sick* It was from a cannibal tribe. I jumped to the conclusion that they were fingers from enemies…but when I read the little info card next to the display, they were fingers from deceased family members. It was a way to honor their deceased loved ones and keep a memory of them. It was very interesting… Quite the conversation starter nowadays if you were to wear a human finger necklace. I tried Googling anything about tribes that used to use human bones for jewelry and I found this page about the Angu.

I’m glad we finally go to visit the museum! Maybe we can go again next month or something. They change the exhibits every month or so.

After the museum we went back to my house where my parents had a little celebration for July 4th (Independence Day in the USA). We ate this delicious tiramisu cake somebody made and I overheard the adults talking. Someone said, “It’s better than sex!” and I thought it was hilarious. Then afterward she said, “No, that’s what the cake is called! Do you want the recipe?” haha, funny.