For most people, music has become a part of our lives, whether we’re young or old. Isn’t it amazing how music can bring so many people together? Think concerts, and fan pages. When you first meet someone, you feel an instant connection if you discover that the two of you have the same music interests, or even better yet, the same favorite bands/artists.

My iPod Nano

I’ve come to appreciate it so much after being in choir for around seven years in the past. But besides choir, I’ve come to appreciate music in other ways, too. It’s amazing to think back and remember the different music I listened to…different music that kind of marks the different phases within my life. Sometimes it feels like a song was made specifically for you because it is basically spelling out everything you’re feeling. I’ve had all types of music and phases: angry music, lovestruck music, heartbroken music, happy music, gym music, etc.

I wonder how many people own iPods? I’ve had an iPod since high school, and the majority of people I know own one. My first iPod Nano was a blue, skinny one. I gave it to my brother when I got a free iPod Nano (Red) from this college deal after I bought a MacBook (free iPod Nano and printer included). The 3rd generation design is oddly enough the only FAT-looking iPod Nano to have ever existed. Nevertheless, the battery life is amazing, and everything is still working great. Would I recommend an iPod? Heck yes.

Years ago before I received an iPod for my birthday, I didn’t want one because I felt like I was following the crowd and that was something I didn’t want to do. Years after, I have slowly been converted to an Apple person and I am very fond of Apple because of their ease of use and the slick beauty of their products. But, is it overpriced? Yes. It’s just up to you whether or not you would want to invest in their products. And if not, do your research for a good and reliable, yet cheaper mp3 player. ^_^