I haven’t had the motivation to blog lately; it’s strange since I usually like to crank out multiple posts a week or at least once a week. Lately I guess I’ve been preoccupied with my summer classes, lazing around, and having fun this summer. On a proud note, I received an A+ in my Freshwater & Limnology class, whoohoo!!! My first A+ in a class within my major (biology)! Unfortunately A pluses count the same as plain A’s, lol. It’s more just for bragging rights, since giving extra credits for an A+ would mess up the GPA system in college (getting a 4.0 is the highest…not to mention extremely difficult!!!). And now for my second session of class at the university, I must plow through microbiology…good luck to me, lol.

Fun House

This year my boyfriend and I went to the county fair twice, once with our friends on a double date, and the second time with just the two of us. Although that is a great opportunity to blow more money real quick, I am still really glad we went twice.

The first time we went, we mostly spent our time eating a few things and playing games for prizes (our boyfriends “won” us Despicable Me minions!). Why the quotation marks? You wanna know the secret? For some games, at least at our carnival, there is a “ticket guarantee” posted where you buy a certain amount of tickets and even if you don’t hit as many ballooons or whatever required to win, you still win a stuffed animal! Haha, it is a form of cheating, but honestly…I think fairs and carnivals are adept at cheating you out of your money. Why not just guarantee that you will win something? A lot of people throw their money away when they keep playing and playing one game that is impossible for them to win!

Ferris Wheel

Anyway, the second time we went, it was much more relaxed. I say relaxed because my boyfriend and I have the same interests (obviously, I mean we’ve been dating for 4+ years, lol) and that means that we can go do whatever we like rather than catering to a group of other people if we were going with them instead. We got a refillable souvenir cup from a friend and used it to get cheap refills of this delicious strawberry lemonade smoothie. Sooo good (and probably full of sugar, haha). Went to the animal section, and although there were some cute cows and llamas, we were so disappointed to find that they got rid of their bird section this year! I loooove birds and seeing the cute, round, little quail babies was one of my favorite parts, lol. Yeah yeah, I’m such a bird lady :D

Using, yet again, the ticket guarantee, my boyfriend got us one Chococat and one Keroppi stuffed animal!! If you are familiar with Sanrio, their characters and stuff is just so cute. I grew up loving them and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it, lol. It’s just one of those things that is very feminine and never really gets old. There was this one really hard game where you bounce a ball off of a backboard and make it go into the basketball hoop. But of course most people who throw the ball have the ball bounce straight back out away from the hoop. However, after watching a group of guys slowly win HUGE Sanrio stuffed animals, I was sooooo jealous. Next year, baby, we’re gonna get one. *love*

Chainsaw Chicks; dolphin & angelfish

We also went to an Ice Museum, where they displayed a lot of carved sculptures made out of, yes, ice! They were really pretty and very impressive. I couldn’t help but think how sad the creators are, when they have to melt their own pieces of art, rather than something more permanent like rock. But now I realize that’s probably a routine part of their work and they are more proud that it is made from a unique medium (ice). Right outside was an ice carving show, put on by The Chainsaw Chicks. Chainsaws, power tools, blow torches, and very bubbly personalities; they were really enjoyable to watch. “Did anyone go into the Ice Museum? Those take 7 to 13 hours to create. But right here you just saw us make these in 7 minutes!” Haha. They’ve got some real talent. 8-)

Towards the end of the day, we got to eat some yummy fair food (ugh, craving it already…until we meet again next year T_T ). No, we didn’t try anything too ridiculous, haha. We did have a deep fried candy, but it was actually very delicious. It just tasted like cake on the outside and ooey-gooey-melty chocolate on the inside. The best part was probably getting to eat a gyro from an authentic greek stand. I think I need to find a good greek restaurant around here now!

View from Ferris Wheel

And last but not least, we rode the ferris wheel together before we called it a night and headed home. *_* It is so much prettier at night when all the lights are on. Everything is so much more lively. I think everyone should experience the fair at night if they want to experience the full potential of a fair. Not to mention, the sun is no longer beating against your face. Surprisingly, it gets super windy and cold at night around here though, so it was a good idea not to linger around for too long. Snapped a few pictures together in the ferris wheel, and then enjoyed the view together.

Last year, my boyfriend was terrified on the ferris wheel (he has a fear of heights and rides…yes, even the tame ones), but this year it was super enjoyable because he was 100% calm. Good job, baby boy! hehe. Next up, Goliath at Six Flags, my favorite roller coaster that is 26 stories high…. whoo hoo!!!! When he reads this he will probably get sweaty palms and a heart attack. LOL :p