Contribution by Terrance Kirby

I live out in the Southern California desert, and getting a clear picture on my television was a hit and miss affair. I love the late night talk shows and decided to hook up to satellite TV from to ensure I get my daily dose of Jay Leno laughs.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is better than Johnny Carson and Jack Paar combined. The writers are witty and edgy, setting the Tonight Show with Jay Leno a cut above the rest. Although the short-lived stint with Conan O’Brian hosting the show seemed to be a success, die-hard Leno fans found O’Brian hard to accept. It wasn’t the quality of the jokes or lacking big name guests, but rather, the Tonight Show is just not the same without Leno’s familiar and sarcastic humor.

Skits such as Jay Walking, Headlines, and when he takes the camera crew out for interviews on Melrose Avenue are unique to the mind and personality of only Jay Leno. Others may imitate Leno, but can never fill up the space that an absent Leno leaves when departing the Tonight Show.

Many viewers became upset when NBC snatched back the Tonight Show from the multi-talented Conan O’Brian, however, I bet every one of the complainers is back in front of their TV at 11:30 for late night television the way it ought to be.