So for my 21st birthday (Search the archive for Jan. 2nd, 2011 for that disaster, lol), it wasn’t such a big deal nor a big celebration, but since then I’ve tried a few (very few) alcoholic beverages. Shots are gross and I don’t think I’ll be drinking those very often, blugh. I don’t like the burn. Oh, and drinking beer makes me feel like a middle-aged, bald man with a beer belly. LOL. My first restaurant-ordered alcoholic drink looked delicious (it was the adult version of a yummy freckled lemonade), but the vodka ended up tasting too bitter for me. But whatever, it was fun to try it and it’s not so much of a big deal now. My next experiment will be soaking gummy bears in an alcoholic beverage. Apparently it’s really yummy after the gummy bear soaks up all the liquid; I’ll let you know how that turns out, lol.

Which reminds me, I have never gone to Las Vegas as a legally drinking adult with my friends yet! It seems like the rite of passage for most people who turn 21. Go to Vegas, hit the slot machines, and go drinking & partying. haha. My boyfriend is a year younger than me, so his 21st birthday will be in some months. Hooray! Wouldn’t that be a fun trip? It’s a rather far drive from where we live but it’s only a state away, so it’s not too far in the grand scheme of things.

Besides the typical gambling, drinking, and clubbing…actually…if I were to go to Vegas I don’t think those would be my main attractions anyway. I think it would be the sight-seeing! Heck yes. I love taking pictures of everything. Did I ever mention that I am a big night-life fan? And Vegas is the city that never sleeps! haha. So it’s the perfect time to get your nocturnal self on. When I go, I definitely want to check out the shows in las vegas! They’ve got some crazy circus shows with really talented people and all the props and scenery are always amazing.

I was supposed to go to Vegas with my cousin and her family but I have summer school so it wasn’t possible…although I think they ended up canceling anyways. It would have been very expensive to go – we would have seen Phantom of the Opera! I think most tickets for anything are expensive but if you book ahead of time, you can probably save yourself some money, or at the very least save yourself frustration from having to run around trying to figure out tickets. Which reminds me, if I ever go to Vegas, I will probably want to plan ahead and figure out where I want to go & what I want to do so we don’t waste any time or money!