What do you think about smart phones? Is it today’s necessity or is it just another nuisance to add onto the list of costs?

It’s hard for me to pick which side to be on. However…at the end of the day, I think I will just give in and say it is another useful necessity that we will add onto the list. From sliced bread to computers to cell phones to (specifically speaking) smart phones! The world of technology and luxury is moving along and if you want to keep up, things are changing fast.

I myself don’t have a smart phone. But my boyfriend does, and so does my brother! My brother has an Android. He can do a lot of things with it, but honestly his phone is too large for me. If you ask any girl, we don’t really like having big phones because our pockets barely fit anything let alone a huge phone, and a big phone is kind of a space-eater in our purses. So I wasn’t so jealous of his Android while I was stuck with a “normal” phone that was just for calling and texting.

When my boyfriend got his iPhone, however, that was a different story. LOL. O_O If you don’t know, I am a huge Apple fan. I love how simple and slick their products are! His iPhone caused a little bit of jealousy when I saw all the addicting games, and how easy it was to access the internet when you’re bored or need to look something up. Map directions, restaurant reviews, closing times, etc etc. It didn’t actively occur to me, but I realize that having his iPhone has improved our lives on-the-go¬† just a little tiny bit if not more.

What do you think about watching tv on smart phones? Yes, the screen is small so that would probably be the biggest setback for me. But if size isn’t too much of an issue, I think it’d be kind of cool to watch TV on your smart phone. I mean, think of all those times when you’re waiting in line, or waiting for class to start, or stuck at your family reunion and you have some time to kill! It’s a good opportunity to catch up on your shows and fight the boredom. Because honestly, I wouldn’t watch that much TV at home (I don’t even have any shows that I follow currently).

Yeah, it does suck that more and more phone companies are forcing us to switch over to smart phones because the “normal” phones are quickly dwindling in number and going out of style. But I guess in the long run, I will be ready to switch over to the smart phone eventually.