About two weeks ago I went to a state beach and it is one of the more obscure beaches, so we thoroughly enjoyed its reasonably emptiness and peacefulness. Have you ever found a less populated place that feels something like a wonderful secret?

Hiking down to the beach

In California, we have tons of beaches since we are right along the coast near the ocean. For some reason, all of my friends and peers seem to go to one particular beach. Sometimes they go to other beaches. But none of them are as quiet, clean, and peaceful as the one I went to. It makes me wonder why, but I suppose I know the possible answers. It is one of the smaller beaches that is hidden away and it requires some extra walking & a small hike (on paved road, however) down the little cliff to reach the beach, as you can see in my photograph. It’s a little more work than the usual beach, where people just park their car in the parking lot and walk a few feet to the sand.

Unpopulated & Peaceful

It’s quite satisfying to reach the beach only after a short walk & hike. It feels like you’ve left behind the man-made parking lots and have reached a little cove of pure nature. Our beaches these days require a steep $15 entrance in order to park your car. While it’s quite the fee if you plan to go to the beach often, I think this is the one beach that justifies the price. It keeps out any weirdos who harass people or steal their stuff. The beach is so well-kept, clean, and less populated. I can walk along the entire beach and not find a piece of trash.

In contrast, if you go to the more populated beach I mentioned earlier, you are most likely 2 feet away from the next person when you pick a spot to put down your towel and umbrella. I dig my feet in the sand for 30 seconds and can pick up at least 4 pieces of trash. Sometimes I can’t believe how polluted it is.

I suppose that’s what some of the beaches have discovered and taken serious note of. The cleaner beaches seem to have no bonfire pits, while the more polluted beaches have bonfire pits where we beachgoers like to cook up some food and let the wrappers fall to the sand. D:

His feet & mine - his feet are pretty small

The center of attention for today’s story is not how lovely (which it totally is) my favorite beach is, but the “unfortunate” event that happened at this beach. My boyfriend and I were playing with a frisbee (which we totally sucked at throwing & catching at first, but improved!). It was all good and fun, until I threw the frisbee to the side. My boyfriend made a dive to catch it, and well, kind of slipped. You know what else fell? His glasses.

Oh. My. Goodness. You know that state of being where you are stuck between really concerned for the person, and laughing until you can’t breathe anymore? Yeah, I was somewhere between there. I was more in the cracking-up region before I helped him retrieve the glasses. However, when it was obvious that we seriously would never find his pair of glasses ever again, the mood was pretty somber because he was pretty ticked off. To be honest, it kind of ruined the rest of the day.

But in the end, we were able to laugh at the incident again and were still in disbelief that he really lost his glasses to the ocean. LOL. Let me elaborate. My boyfriend had those glasses for a long time, and refused to wear his new ones. He claimed that his old glasses were more comfortable, lighter & unbreakable. I think being stubborn should be added to the list of reasons, probably ranking among #1 or 2 :p The old pair of glasses was so loose on his face that it would fall off every time he looked down or even sneezed. It was truly hilarious and for a long time I urged him to finally let them RIP so he could wear his new glasses instead. I gave up eventually. He prided himself on not losing his glasses or breaking them. Till that one fateful day at the beach, he lost them at sea. hahaha. Oh man. It’s okay honey, you look good in your new pair of glasses. 8-)