Isn’t it interesting how if you tend to type a certain word a lot, you end up typing it even if you meant to type another word?

For example! I’ll be taking notes for my biology class and instead of typing “blot,” I would type “blog.” lol! That says a lot about me because I love blogging & have been doing it for so long that the word is always at my fingertips!

Instead of typing “interested” I would type “interesting”. I see a lot of people make that typo, actually! Sometimes people want to respond to an offer or something and they will type “I’m interesting” when they really meant to type “I’m interested.” Ha. That’s probably because it is the typical adjective when you comment on something. “That’s really interesting,” and the like. (Notice I used it subconsciously in the first sentence of this entry, lol).

It’s pretty crazy. Somehow we type certain things way too much, and the typing motion becomes muscle memory after much repetition. So you start out wanting to type something, but muscle memory kicks in and you end up typing out the wrong word with the same beginning.

On another note, I spent almost all of today doing some major house cleaning! It’s in preparation for next week too, since I won’t be able to clean due to my final on the 7th! Summer session flies by so quickly since it’s only 5 weeks compared to 10 weeks, which is the normal quarter for my university. !._. I’m happy to say I worked super hard and did pretty well on my midterm, so I just gotta keep it up & butt-kick my final! I have to admit I’ve been slacking last week ever since I finished my midterm. I guess you could say I took a week vacation after my midterm even though I still went to class, haha. But now that everything is clean and I took a 1 week “vacation,” I’m back in the mindset of studying hard again. ^3^ I always feel more free & motivated to study or get some real work done when everything feels clean!

Oh yeah, I made a butt-ton of updates a few days ago 8-)