So for the past one or two years, I’ve been carrying around this cute little black umbrella with me when it rains. How did I first meet this umbrella, you ask?

One rainy, stormy day, I was caught without an umbrella. It was tragic, really. The moisture reduced my hair into a frizzy, wet mess, while my laptop was tucked inside of my backpack, trying to telepathically tell me that it could not get wet or else it would never talk to me ever again. So I rushed to get inside of our college food court, where there was a crowd of damp, tired students seeking refuge from the rain.

When I sat down at a table, I noticed it there. A small, cute little black umbrella. “But it could belong to someone else,” I thought. Well, obviously… Unless the umbrella had more freedom than normal umbrellas and was allowed to roam the wet pavement by itself until it decided to settle under that fateful table. Instead of getting friendly with the umbrella, I kind of just ignored it for about a good hour. Yeah, it was a rocky start. But you wouldn’t want to get too friendly with someone else’s umbrella would you? The owner never came back, and I was in need of an umbrella… so I took the umbrella and called it my own.

You see, that cute little black umbrella filled a void in my heart. Not long before finding the black umbrella, my own pastel blue umbrella had lost its life. I had it since middle school, so I had it for around 8-9 years. Now that is what you call dedication. It was a special umbrella, because pastel blue was my favorite color, and it had a small checker-like pattern on it with a bit of sheen on the surface. It definitely stood out among the typical black and red umbrellas. Well, it sadly lost it’s life while trying to fight the hurricane weather for me while I was trekking through the 10 minute stretch of woody park in the middle of our campus. California doesn’t get hurricanes (that’s more for the east coast). Earthquakes are common here on the west coast. But that one awful week we had hurricane warnings for the first time ever – really weird. Long story short, the park had huge tree branches breaking off, and the wind/rain lashing against my face kind of made it hard to breathe. Needless to say, my pastel blue umbrella did not survive. I was devastated.

That’s when cute little black umbrella cheered me up. *blush* It was unfortunate that someone lost it, but I swear! I waited a good hour for them to come back, and if I didn’t take it, some random stranger would have taken it by then… Still, I did lose my umbrella which someone else lost previously. So that part is okay with me, but the part that really bothered me was this:

I was in the library for a good 3 hours studying. There was plenty of room but this guy decided to sit next to me, and surprisingly he also stayed the whole 3 hours. Well, eventually I was ready to leave and went to the bathroom, taking all my stuff with me. Then I stepped into the elevator to go back down to the entrance. Before my fingers had a chance to press any buttons, I realized I had forgotten my umbrella on the floor near the desk I was studying at, so I ran back to get it. Well, it was gone. And so was the guy sitting right next to me for 3 hours. What are the chances?

I was P.O.ed. You betcha I was. I am confused why that happened, and how bad my luck was to lose my umbrella even though 5 minutes had not even passed before I went back to retrieve it. -.-

Ah, well. Now cute little black umbrella, and faithful pastel blue umbrella will always be remembered in my blog.