Thanks to Roman May

I was watching direct tv and started watching a special on the Olympic games that were held in Berlin in first half of the nineteenth century. The year that the summer Olympicswere held there, Germany won eighty-nine gold medals and the United States only won fifty-nine. The special interviewed athletes who said that they adored Germany and had never been treated so well at home. The show was highlighting the irony of the games in the city that was soon to be known around the world, Berlin. It was an expose of the Olympics in Germany and how it was a show to mislead the world. Americans and others walked away from the Olympics with the impression that the current politico in Germany was one that was successful, welcoming, and kind. Not too long later, Berlin became the most hated city on the planet. It was the center of a regime that started the Second World War and caused many casualties of civilians and servicemen. It is hard for me to believe that it was really only about sixty years ago. We have certainly come a long way since then.