You would think this is a Christmas wishlist, but to me it is more of a birthday wishlist. My birthday is December 22, a few days before Christmas, so I’m very used to only receiving presents for my birthday.

I don’t normally post yearly wishlists but I thought it would be fun this year since for some reason, this year I want so many things! And by “wishlist” I mean I will most likely be buying these things for myself, rather than actually asking for them, haha. And sadly, this is the year where I am the poorest financially. But, I’ve earned a little extra cash from my blog and I can afford to buy lots of nice things as long as all of them are fairly cheap. That means no iPad for me, haha. :p I’m not ready (or spoiled enough) for a $500 tablet just quite yet.

Camera Case

A camera case for my Kodak M590 camera. I’ve had the camera for one year now (it was my requested birthday present from my mom for my 21st birthday!) and surprisingly I still don’t have a case for it. I still use the dinky little “sack” thing it came with as the case, lol. I don’t throw it around (the M590 does not look as durable due to its slimness) but I still would feel much safer with a case. I like this case because it is slim. Why would I want a bulky case if I bought a slim camera for its slim properties?


Mini Speakers

I thought these mini speakers had very good reviews and are extremely affordable. These have been on my amazon wishlist for a while. I just want something to plug into my computer or ipod when I wanna to listen to music while I do chores and clean, you know? And since it’s portable, usable at parties and beach? Nice!


Bent Objects Book

If you haven’t heard of Bent Objects, I love love love the idea of it, ever since I found out about it. The author, Terry Border, gives life and characterization to ordinary objects and photographs them. It’s very funny and this is the one “coffee table book” that I would want for sure. I love his work.


Nail Art Brushes

In case you guys haven’t noticed, I love doing my nails. I haven’t tried drawing any designs though because I just don’t have the right tools. But instead of buying really expensive nail art pens, why not use nail brushes to get the job done? It’s gonna be so much fun trying these out!



This is something that hasn’t come up in my blog before. I am an INSANE fan of bass. I love the deep sound of bass going into my bones. Sometimes when I listen to music, I just like focusing on the bass. Songs with a lot of bass are favored by me. 8-) I’ve bought these V-moda Bass Freq earphones before. They are (were) my first bass earphones. I was super sad when I couldn’t find my case (with the earphones in them) anymore! They must have fallen out of my bag; I was devastated haha. T_T I am definitely getting these again. Someday when I have money, I will buy myself one of those really expensive and nice bass earphones.


Kindle Case

This case is awesome. It is a replica of the old generation official Kindle cover. I don’t know why Amazon completely got rid of this design, but this design doesn’t exist for the new Kindle Touch. But I’m not complaining because this company got smart and replicated the design for a fraction of the price. Wait a second, why would I need a Kindle case…?

Kindle Touch

Because I am getting a freaking Kindle Touch soon, everyone!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH!!!! I am just too excited. I’ve been wanting a Kindle for-ev-er. I first wanted a Kindle when the 1st generation keyboard kindle was out. I held off in getting one because it was really expensive and the product seemed like it would continue to improve. I am soooo glad I held out for so long! Because after a few generations, the Kindle is now extremely affordable, and better yet, this year is the first time they’re releasing a touch screen!

This is the best thing on my wishlist and it is going to be FREE! My boyfriend bought a PS3 game console this past summer and the deal that came with it was a free $100 giftcard, which he gave to me to buy my future Kindle. *love* Hehe, he loves me. This was before the Kindle Touch came out and before the extreme price drop arrived. I only speculated the price drop would come during the holidays and I had hoped it would be under a hundred, but I had no idea it would happen. You can imagine how amazingly happy I was when I looked at the Amazon front page and saw the new Kindle Touch! I remember my boyfriend texted me and said “Looks like Christmas came early for you!” Eeeh!

If you haven’t heard much about the Kindle, it is an e-reader device to read books with. What is special about e-readers nowadays is that they use e-ink and not an LCD screen. Therefore, it is not a lit screen. You know how the text you’re reading now on your computer is basically something like a ton of lights flashing at you so fast that you only see one continuous image? Well that’s the reason why our eyes get tired and watching TV or computers before bed might keep you up at night unable to sleep. E-ink uses some magnetic force for the ink to move around on the screen. Since it is not an LCD screen, you must read e-ink in a well-lit location (or at least have a light). So much better for your eyes, and it is supposed to stimulate a real paper page in a book. It’s seriously portable (storing up to 3000 books), has an easily accessible built-in dictionary, a highlighting & note-taking system, there’s a new way to borrow books from your public library, and the battery life is up to 2 months!

How awesome is that??? Yeah, I am nerding out here. NERDGASM. But guys, I haven’t read a book for my own leisure in YEARS. NO LIE. I’ve read a book or two, but it is a sad, SAD number that makes me…sad. College as a biology major has cornered me into reading only scientific text books. It makes me so sad. And being a college student, I don’t want to spend more money on space-eating novels that I usually read only once when I could spend the money on other things. *pirate* But this is all changing. The Kindle is here to change my life. Hahaha.