Sooo I’ve been MIA for a bit and that’s because I had two stressful weeks of Final Exams and then right after…I spent my first weekend of winter break in Las Vegas, baby! Headed there on Friday afternoon and came home on Sunday night. 8-) It was my first time going there with friends and after I turned 21 (legal drinking age here). Surprisingly, my dad was sooo chill about me going. My mom was a little reluctant, but she said it was fine as long as I asked my dad.

On Friday, while we waited for a friend to finish her Final Exam before heading out for Vegas, I hung out at their apartment and painted my nails this glittery and lovely shade of purple. I have a bit of an obsession with purple. ^_^

Bellagio & water show

When we finally got to the hotel after a long trip, the other girls in our group didn’t arrive yet, and one of the girls was the one who booked the room, so we had to wait in the lobby. We had less than an hour to get ready before we had to go to the club though, so felt really rushed. As a result, one of the girls straightened her hair (after finding an outlet) while another girl and I ate our ghetto baguette sandwiches on the floor with all of our luggage. LOL. It was a funny sight. It was kind of a secluded and deserted corner, but when someone would walk by they would give us weird looks. When the other girls finally arrived, we headed up to the room to get ready real fast. But being girls, we went a little over time and left around 10:15pm. We had to be there by 10:30pm or else we wouldn’t get in, and we wouldn’t be able to get into the next club the next day either. Soooo we ran for it. All seven of us, in our dresses/skirts in the freezing Nevada night weather. Haha, oh boy, it was definitely memorable and a little bit fun once we were sure we made it.

The reason why we had to be at the club by 10:30pm was because one girl got us hooked up with a promoter. I had no idea what a promoter is before, but they are just awesome! They’re people who get paid for every person (I think only girls though, of course…haha) they recruit to their club. The more people (especially girls) they have at their club, the better it looks, right? And to attract the girls, they cut us a deal somehow. In our case, we got free alcoholic drinks and free admission and a straight ticket to the front of the line. Win-win situation? HELLS YEAH. It was awesome. We did it dirt cheap by getting in for free and sharing a cheap hotel room.

The first club we hit at 10:30pm was Tao. That was where we got our free drinks. I never ordered at a bar before, and one of the girls recommended the Lemondrop to me because I told her I like sweet drinks. I did end up liking it, but I honestly didn’t feel any of the effects. Note to self: know a couple of drinks next time at a bar in a club so I know what to order. You don’t want to look stupid and there’s no menu, haha ;)

Coins & Wishes

After we hung out there for a bit and had our drinks, we headed out to XS. We spent the rest of the night there. This was my and one of the girl’s first time going clubbing. I have to say I enjoyed it, minus the creeper guys. Music, lights, and dancing. I likey. Creepy looking guys trying to grind up against you – not so much. For the record, 3 of us already have boyfriends (one of them is me), so I wasn’t looking to do any dirty dancing. We were a group of 7 girls so dancing so we danced together, but our group separated out eventually. Two girls headed back to the hotel early because of killer high heel issues & hunger, lol. The other girls danced separately with some guys. One of the girls was a beast lol. She dirty danced with a ton of different guys and kept disappearing on us, and as good friends, we looked for her multiple times and made sure she was okay. So I was left dancing with my club partner, we’ll call her H. Since it was just the two of us dancing together, we were really easy targets for guys to just come up behind us. I tried my best to keep weirdos away from her, vice versa, and tried tried giving the “no” signal to guys, but some of them were super persistent! Haha, the most memorable moment was when we were in a “sandwich” between these two guys. They trapped us in the middle by holding hands with each other. Can you say awkwaaaard?

That’s clubbing for ya I guess. I don’t think guys realize that not ALL girls wanna do some dirty dancing with guys (especially creepy looking older guys). There was one guy from Singapore who actually asked me if I wanted to dance. That was a nice gesture. Maybe if more guys thought to ask it wouldn’t be so bad. Rather than attack from behind and do the pelvic thrust. LOL. My partner H and I got really dehydrated so we went to get water at the bar. We weren’t sure where it was, so just went walking hoping we were in the right direction, and this random guy went up to H and started singing to her. We asked him if he knew where the bar was, and he took us there. Hahaha, it was funny because I was thinking “Alright, if he takes us to an exit sign, I am not following him.” But he just took us to the bar and left, nice guy. 8-) We weren’t being aggressive enough to get our water since it was crowded. That was when these two big African American dudes dressed smartly in suits and hats and all asked us what we wanted and they would get it for us. That was so nice! Made small talk and they were from the midwest. “We would love some company,” one of them said, but we told them we had friends waiting for us.

One of the girls my friend met at the club was 27. She had enormous boobies. But I digress. LOL. She was wearing a really nice dress that was apparently $200 and her husband is like in his 40’s. Hmm…. I’ll let you fill in the rest, lol.


The next day we ate at Earl of Sandwich, which has pretty yummy sandwiches. The place is hyped up, but even if you don’t think it lives up to its hype, it’s still very good. In the early evening we went back to the hotel to get ready for the next night of clubbing. I was peer-pressured into wearing makeup this night (I didn’t the last night). I am an au-natural kind of girl and don’t normally wear makeup. I followed the advice one of the girls gave me, and ended up having too much eyeshadow on, lol. Apparently I looked fine (although another girl said it was whore makeup LOL T_T ), but whatever. Next time I’m applying it much more lightly if at all. The club we went to was called Marquee. Oh man. It was much more classy than XS. So classy. I loved it. I didn’t see a single creeper guy and I didn’t have any try to shove their pelvis at me. We were so lucky we got in for free because of the promoter because Kaskade was playing that night!!!!

Okay, and here’s the bad news. One of the girls had too much to drink, so she was uberly sleepy. So one of the girls volunteered to go with her to the bathroom (there are seating areas in there to rest at). I made it very clear for them to stay there so that we can meet up again. I stuck with 3 of the girls, and one of them had to take constant breaks from the dance floor because her heels were killing her. We checked the bathroom at least 3-5 times and the two girls were not there! They weren’t on the dance floors either! We were getting seriously concerned. The 3 of us decided to go back to the dance floor to meet the 2 remaining girls still there and have a few more dances before heading to the hotel to look for the 2 missing girls. But we never even got the chance to do that. The floor got too packed with people and the body guards would not let us in because of safety issues. I totally understand because the last time we were on the floor before it got closed off I felt a little claustrophobic and shoved about.

Flowers on the Ceiling

That was a big problem. The 2 girls who were missing had our IDs. The 2 girls left on the dance floor had the only cell phone. The 3 of us had nothing. The two pairs of girls each had the hotel key, but the 3 of us had nothing. Haha, I’m going to be honest, I freaked out. My 2 friends had to try to comfort me. We did our best to get into the dance floor – that was not gonna happen – and look around the club for the 2 missing girls. No success. So we took our chances and decided to leave the club early (it was only midnight >_< ) and head back to the hotel. We seriously hoped that the 2 missing girls just went back to the hotel and would let us in. The walk back was very cold in our dresses. The girl whose shoes were killing her feet took off her shoes out of desperation, but the floor was ice cold, so she put them back on and sucked it up till we got to the hotel.

The attention from guys while walking back to our hotel was overwhelming. Euuugh, still remember that old guy with the golden tooth, lol. It’s Vegas, and we’re wearing dresses in the cold, so that’s no surprise. It’s the first time for me, though…

We knocked on the door and…

Polar Bear made of flowers

They let us in! Oh thank goodness, haha. *sweatdrop* It turns out one of them got sick, got thrown out of the club, and weren’t able to get in contact with us. SIGH. Well, at least everyone was okay. The 2 girls left at the club probably danced it up, while the rest of us (minus the sick girl who stayed to sleep in the hotel) headed to McDonald’s. LOL. Classy, I know. But it was kind of fun just chatting it up for 1-2 hours while eating our fast food. Good bonding time. We went to the casino our hotel was in for one of the girls to try the slot machines. She lost 20 dollars so fast (10 of those dollars in one accidental button press LOL). There were some older-looking Asian guys who came over to us and started talking to us. I like to think he was just bored and nice. He asked if we wanted him to put in an extra $20 into the slot machine my friend was playing. I was like umm…it’s up to her I guess. She didn’t respond. Haha. But yeah, my first trip to Vegas – dare I say it – with all of us as 21 year old women has made me realize how easy it is for guys to drop cash to get some booty. I guess that’s what Sin City is for huh?

We finally headed back around 2-3am and the 2 other girls came back. Chilled in the hotel till we all fell asleep (some of the girls and I stayed up talking till like 5 in the morning).

The next day we went out for lunch again and went to look at the gardens at the Bellagio and sightseeing at my request. *_* In the early afternoon we started heading back home again. We got home an hour earlier than the trip to Vegas took, and decided to head out for some pastries at a popular bakery. And finally home. I got sick AFTER Vegas, but it’s better than during! So the last few days I’ve been resting at home, haha.

All in all, the Vegas trip could have gone better, but it was definitely a first for me and I’m so glad I got this trip to bond with these girls during my senior year of university. It was totally worth it.