I don’t really have any tried and true “therapy” sessions for myself when I’m feeling down, but if I had to pick something, I think giving my hands and feet a little extra attention would be it. Other things that make me feel a little better when things could not get much worse are: eating really good food, having a cuddle with the boyfriend, or buying something nice for myself. Typical girl things, I guess!


French Manicure

Over the summer I do the whole hands & feet routine once a week (usually on a Saturday or Sunday night). Now that it’s during the normal school year, I kind of skip a week or two. Boy does it feel gross to have long toenails, euughh! *sick* Couldn’t take it anymore, so after my midterms (yes this was a while back, the quarter is over now haha) & feeling recovered from being sick, I had the chance to pamper myself! Cleaned up my hands and feet, trimmed the nails, and painted them. My toenails are currently a vibrant blue color, but for my hands I wanted something a little easier to maintain over the next week or two (aka less visible chipping) and more professional, so I went with giving my fingers a french manicure.

I’ve never really attempted giving myself a french manicure before, so it turned out decent my first try. Painted the white tips (using the acetone/brush method to shape up the edges), put a very light pink coat over the entire nail, added a flower sticker to each thumb for a little something extra, and finished it off with a clear top coat.

Hot dang, I was lucky to have such good lighting for the picture. :D Ideally, I like my nails to be a little longer than in the picture, but when I first trim my nails I keep them somewhat short because they grow out within the 1-2 weeks that I leave my nails alone and it gets annoying if they’re too long.

I’m not a fan of super long nails with french tips. Oh no. Now those remind me of trashy or catty women who are very high maintenance and look as if they’re ready to scratch out your eyes if you dare to criticize their super long nails. I think french tips can look really elegant yet simple and clean if the nails are a good, healthy length. Not too short, not too long.