Wow, my winter break is 3/4 over but it feels like it barely started. Which is strange because this is the first year where the state universities here are extending out breaks by 1 more week (so we have 4 weeks instead of 3 weeks). Well, I suppose if I had to begin school next week, that explains why every year I feel so unprepared and not nearly ready for school. Maybe this year with the extra week I have left I’ll feel a little more prepared. :p

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore, but I still like reading other people’s as long as they’re mildly interesting rather than the typical answers that are either impossible or just so cliché such as: “Lose 50 pounds,” or “Spend more time with friends and family.” So honestly, I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions, maybe just goals along the way that I might come up with. ^_^

2012 – that is an amazing number to me. Because back in 2008, I remember graduating high school and thinking, “Wow, I am now the class of 2012. That feels so close yet so far away.” And, well, in less than one day, it will be 2012.

Oh right, I still have to write about so many things (including my birthday and Christmas and etc). Hopefully many more blog posts to come. I really need to become more motivated to blog on time and more promptly rather than letting things pile up. Maybe that should be my NYR? Naaaaah, let’s just call it a goal. Hahaha :D

Anyway, yesterday I went shopping with my friend and we ended up buying clothes!!! That deserves 3 exclaimation marks because I haven’t gone shopping and bought clothes for myself in sooo long. Using birthday money for the win! $_$ I really wanted to buy a dress with sequins on it in honor of New Year’s but sequins by the armpits make you itch like a dog with fleas. -.- Afterwards we had revolving sushi. There’s just something about revolving sushi that I love. It’s not always the best quality but it’s just so fun diligently watching the food come around on a conveyor belt and fumble to quickly grab a plate before it passes you by. Oooh, did I just make a life metaphor right there? :D

Happy 2012!