I tried Project 365 once before in high school, but I gave up fairly quickly because I caught the flu for a week or something and missed a whole week of taking pictures. Ever since then I get the nagging thought in the back of my mind that perhaps I should try again, but in the end I am against it because I can’t see myself completing the whole 365 days. Even now I’m not so sure I can do it, but this year I’m ready to at least give it a try. The photos will have have their own blog post, and limited text. They will not be replacing my normal blog posts.

And so – Day 1! It was something like 3AM on New Year’s Day (it being January 1st and all), and on the way home the fog was unbelievably thick! We could see like 5 feet ahead of us and that was it. Since it was dark & the car was moving, quality sucks, but you get the picture (ha ha).

The Fog