SAD FACE! T_T Today is the last weekend of my winter break during college, since I will (hopefully, lol) graduate this year. The last two days I’ve been doing major cleaning of our whole house & laundry so I’m starting the quarter off clean. Today is the last day of break and I want to make the most of it! A quick overview of things I plan to do by today:

  1. Organize last quarter’s papers and put them away, leaving my binder almost empty and ready for this quarter. Started today and I’m almost done with this. Sometimes I do it during the break long before school starts again, but this time I didn’t want to look at the papers at all after finals, lol.
  2. Write down class schedule
  3. Plan out what hours I can do research (speaking of which, must submit proposal again)
  4. Continue reading for leisure before I have actual class text to read -.-
  5. Clear out my email inbox. Currently, I have 82 unread emails, haha. I’ve been checking email, just too lazy to deal with spam and emails that mildly catch my interest are left unread so I can remember to read them later.
  6. BLOG.
  7. HAVE FUN. My last bit of fun T_T haha