I love to make stuff. My boyfriend and I are always looking for things to do together and one of the cute things we came up with was “Arts & Crafts Day.” It’s not really a whole day but I think it’s cute to call it that. Sunday was our last day of winter break, so we spent some time winding down and doing some crafts. For me I was really determined to have arts & crafts time because I wanted to finish the little “paper holder” before school started.

My desk is fairly spacious, but I always seem to have a stack of papers at each end of my desk, lol. They’re papers that don’t belong anywhere but are important or useful to me somehow. Solution: put it in a paper holder, which makes the papers stand vertically so it saves more space and makes it look so much cuter & cleaner. And yet, the papers are much more accessible than putting it in a box, because once it goes in the box, I will probably forget it existed, haha.

In the meantime, the bf started working on his pirate ship model. Heehee. Now I just need to make one more…for the stack of papers at the other end of my desk. :p

Paper Holder