To be honest, I had a pretty cruddy three day weekend. And now tomorrow is back to school and another long week (yes, even with Monday already passed). As you can tell, I’m in low spirits.

Today’s picture is of the coaster I made out of Perler beads. Also known as Hama beads. They’re little beads with holes in the center and you place them on the spikes of a peg board (picking whatever color and design you want), put wax paper on top, and go over it with an iron to melt and fuse the beads together. It’s tons of fun for the young and the old, but I made the mistake of thinking it was better to buy the cost efficient tub of 11,000 mixed colors. I didn’t realize till it was too late that picking out colors from that mess of colors is the most annoying and time consuming thing ever. So you might want to pay extra to get separate colors instead…or pay for someone to separate the colors for you. :p

Anyway, I got fed up with the colors and decided to just make a colorful coaster instead. Meh. -.-

Perler Coaster