No, I’m not stuck in an office cubicle just yet (or ever? my future career is still uncertain lol). But since today I had such a loooong day at school (10am until 9pm) I thought it was fitting that I would have a drab picture of…. the cubicles at the library. haha… I’ve spent many hours here studying – or dozing off from not getting enough sleep. We have two main libraries on campus – one humanities based and the other is science based. The humanities library has nice couches. The science library has way more space (six floors) and tons of tables and cubicles. Since I’m a science major, I mostly spend my time at the sci lib since it’s closer to my classes…and you never have to worry about finding an unoccupied study area.

Here’s to more dates with these cubicles. Haha. More cubicle dates will lead to happier grades. :p

P.S. I made sure to turn off the sound when I took the picture but I forgot about flash so a huge flash went off and my camera made a few mechanicy-sounding sounds. Haha, talk about embarrassing.

Library Cubicles