I had such a terrible day today. I’m working really, really, really hard in research lab but the results are never good. It’s really discouraging. I came in so rejuvenated and confident after winter break, and now the same cloud of pressure and disappointment are looming over me. On some off days I mess up. But even when everything goes perfectly, for some reason the results still aren’t good – at least that’s what my supervisor says. In actuality, I don’t think we even know how much we should be expecting. SIIIIIIGH. 9-10am and 2-7pm of research lab, and class from 11-2. It was a really bad day for me T_T By the time I finally left the building, this is what I saw: nighttime.

P.S. also as luck would have it, my camera was not with me today. This was taken by my phone.

Night already?