Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

The other day I was shopping for shoes online when I came across a link to clear internet deals. I shop online a lot for shoes, clothes, and other household goods, but I never thought about shopping around for utility prices. I like to shop online because I feel like I can get the best deal without leaving my home. This link opened up a whole new world of stuff I can shop for online. Getting my wireless internet connected at a lower price was easy, and I feel much better knowing that my monthly costs have gone down. I was thinking that my cable bundle was way overpriced, but I didn’t think I had a choice but to stay with them. Now that I am saving monthly on my internet connection I can use that extra money to shop for other important things I need. I have been living on a tight budget lately because I got a pay-cut at work, so every little bit of savings helps. Maybe after a few months of saving I’ll be able to spring for those expensive shoes I wanted.