Oh goodness, I’m up so late but the sugar donuts are still in my system!!! @_@ Plus, the weekend is the only time I can sleep in, so I like to abuse the privilege of staying up late and sleeping in when I can. T_T I didn’t always have such a fondness for donuts. Somehow, after this one event recently, I started craving donuts ever since. The story is this: I saw these yummy donut holes at the university’s dining hall and planned to come back to eat some after I ate an actual meal first. You know, donuts for dessert – that makes sense. Well, I came back all excited, and they were gone!!! haha, ever since then I craved donuts.

We found this awesome little donut shop kind of near our house, and we love it there. They’re open 24/7, how awesome is that?

Sugar Galore