Happy Lunar New Year! As I mentioned the other day, my family usually doesn’t do much to celebrate. But we almost always have some kind of festive flowering plant on the table. In recent years, my mom got this idea where she would hang red envelopes on the plant, and each envelope would be filled with a certain amount of money. She would tell my brother and me to each pick an envelope and whatever money was inside was ours to keep. The amount would range from $10 to $100 so of course you want to be lucky and get the $100 one :p I thought it was so cute of my mom to do that. I really can’t remember the outcome of it, but I remember one year my brother got maybe $20 and I got $50 (memory is fuzzy). And I remember consoling him by saying, “At least you didn’t get the $10 one!” haha. :D

This year my family is very tight on money, and my mom said she couldn’t give me much. I told her it was okay and I didn’t have to get one this year, but she insisted and said it’s for good luck despite the amount inside. And then she told me how excited she felt when she was a kid and collected her red envelopes. So sweet. I still haven’t looked inside my envelope, but I really cherish it and I think my mom is so sweet. Here’s to the new year. ^_^

Red Envelopes